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Two men on their deathbeds talk about God.
St. Francis Hospital

Patient 1: (Saying prayers to himself)
Patient 2: You know, if there was a god you wouldn't be dying.
Patient 1: Is that so?
Patient 2: Of course it is.
Patient 1: You don't believe in god?
Patient 2: Not for a long time.
Patient 1: Why not?
Patient 2: Why would I. God has never helped me, no diety has come from the sky and whispered in my ear. I'd much rather believe in proven science if you don't mind.
Patient 1: You should not doubt. Just because god has never talked to you in words means nothing. Everything around you is god talking. Whether it is the wind or the sea, whether it is the fire or the clouds, it is god. He is in everything and everything is him.
Patient 2: Sure. You seem like a fanatic, so tell me, oh "prophet," which god is talking? The christian God, Allah, perhaps the Zeus?
Patient 1: Whose to say it is any one of those. The point is that every releigion is a path to the same goal. Your name does not matter, only that you live a good life. Maybe you need to look into religion before you jump to mock it.
Patient 2: You look awfuly confident for someone dying. Tell me, what is your name?
Patient 1: I am who I am.
(Machine starts beeping, flatlines)
Patient 2: NURSE, NURSE!
(Nurse enters)
Nurse: Yes Mr. Johnson?
Patient 2: The man next to me he-(looks at bed next to him, nobody is there)-nevermind.
(Nurse begins to leave)
Patient 2: Wait!
Nurse: What?
Patient 2: Could you please get me a priest, I'd like to make peace.
Nurse: Of course, be right back.
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