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Chris had some serious explaining to do...
Chris turned off the ignition and exited his 1988 Grand Am. He peered up at the stars. He’d just realized that he never got around to calling Anita, his wife to tell her he was working a double shift. He flipped open his phone to see six calls from her – unanswered. She’ll be happy with the extra money. That’ll smooth it over.

Taking three steps toward his lit front windows, he froze as a Mastiff growled and bared its teeth at him. Chris placed both palms down in front of him. “Nice doggie.” The Mastiff growled louder and took a few steps toward him. A shot of adrenaline burst into his system. He reached into his pocket for his cell again when the Mastiff attacked. He managed to toss the dog off and sprinted down the sidewalk. The dog pursued.

“Shit!” He veered into their 24-year-old neighbor Shelley’s backyard when he felt the dog’s teeth dig into his buttocks. The beast ripped a six-inch hole in the seat and he felt the cool air on his derriere. The beast took another bite and ripped his pants and underwear clear off, shaking the clothing violently. Chris climbed up a nearby Maple, opposite Shelley’s bedroom on the second floor. He watched the dog cart off his garments.

Chris spied into Shelley’s open window. He saw her curves silhouetted against the blinds, and a natural manly reaction arose.

He scanned the ground. Upon inspection he spotted clothes on a clothesline below. He dropped to the ground and spied a pair of panties among them. At least they’re underwear. He unclipped them and was about to slide them on when his wife’s head popped over the fence as her eyes bounced between the window and Chris.

“You’d better have an explanation for this.”

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Flash Story Must contain the line: "You'd better have an explanation for this."

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