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Did we get our expectations fulfilled?
Continued from previous blog.............
From my blog "World is Dichotomized" it is clear that everything has something good and something bad. And in my previous blog on Expectational thinking I introduced 2 characters Ram and Shyam where I told to follow Shyam. But what about Ram. He have any good qualities or not. Actually he also have one good quality and that is at least he know what he is expecting from others . Many peoples don't know why they are with the other persons. So, the first point is "Always try to know what you are expecting from other the person". Now, if Ram is right in his thinking what is the problem with him. Ram's problem is that he always try to achieve his expectations and for that he even play tricks with other peoples. So, the question arises "How to get our expectations fulfilled?"
So, the second point is "Whatever you are expecting from other is to be given to the other person first and then only we can get what we are expecting". That means if you are expecting other to respect you, first you need to respect others, only then others will respect you.
Finally, we need to think two things:-
1.What the other person expecting from me?
2.What I am expecting from him?
And we need to give two things to the other person:-
1.the things other person is expecting from you.
2.The things you are expecting from him
Only by giving these two things we can win over him and we can maintain our relationships.

Note: I am talking only about behavioral expectations.
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