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by Ladi D
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Have u ever had a dream kiss? This is how it should feel.
Who in the hell knew that one day out of the blue I would totally and completely fall in love again? I mean when is it that fate decides that it is my turn to dance with the perfect person, the perfect man? When did fate decide that my life should be changed so drastically with the blink of his eyes, and a tender kiss on my lips? I am not the one to tell fate that it does not know what is best for me, but how is it that this person is just the person for me? He kissed my lips and seduced my mind like he had done this over a million times: knowing exactly where to touch and caress to make me cum with sweet joy. He knew just what to say, knew just the way to touch to give me the chills that only someone in my shoes could recognize. This feeling he gave me was one that I have longed to feel in all my wildest dreams, my wildest fantasies. He did all this with a light brush of his soft beautiful lips on mine.  I couldnt understand why this kiss felt better than all the ones I have ever had the pleasure to experience. I only knew that I wanted more of what he had to offer. He touched my face as softly as the wind had kissed my hair, and told me he loved me and everything that was me in the world. He took my hand in his and kissed every finger. He loved my hand as if it were the richest hand in the world. This man worshipped me! I looked at him in awe and saw the very same thing in him that he saw in me. This is when I knew I had found the perfect soulmate. This person I learned was made for me. This person I would spend the rest of my life loving and caring for. I smiled because then I knew that I was whole. I knew that I had fulfilled my wish on earth. The wish of love. The wish of hope. Every wish of desire. He consumed my thoughts in all the ways possible. He consumed my body in all the ways to die for. He knew of everything I wanted and needed and I knew his every dream too, all with this one tender loving kiss.
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