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Editorial on the three main groups of Hip-Hop music.

Hip-Hop/Rap as a whole consists of three different groups: Conscious Rappers (such as Common & Mos Def), Trap Rappers (such as Young Jeezy & Gucci Mane) and Ringtone Rappers (such as Soulja Boy & Roscoe Dash). These groups are assigned by the "big, bad record labels" & marketed by advertisement agencies to influence the culture down a destructive path. Conscious Rappers are the definition and founders of real "Hip-Hop". Conscious Hip-Hop tends to be positive, beneficial to the community, artistic, uplifting and not commercially successful. Trap rappers base their music solely on selling drugs and violence. Trap rap is dangerous to the culture and it leads our youth into the path of destruction backed by "big, bad record labels". Ringtone Rap is the neutral as it's music consists of "teeny bopper" ballads and anthems. The labels point of view is as follows: Conscious Rap= real Hip-Hop, Trap Rap= Rap, Ringtone Rap= Pop. Advertising agencies & major labels are influencing a switch over & groups will be as follows: Conscious Rap= Underground, Trap Rap= Hip-Hop, Ringtone Rap= Mainstream. Switching over will cloud perception of whats "real" by being fake.So, while everybody wants to be "real" & not "fake" now-a-days...Who knows what's real & what's fake????!?!?
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