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A love poem with a simple message - mellow out and forgive...
The wings I understand are the ones that might fly,
Though maybe too low or so very high;
They might pierce the clouds, or glide right along,
But what angels can sing without their sweet song?

That rebel with cause must stay at home, level,
While burning with passion, like a fully-armed devil;
Wearing a coat with mixed colors a-plenty,
But not with the matches quite lit which they sent me!

Love is a song made from three little words –
But caution strikes back, makes us feel like class nerds…
While partying hard seems to fill us with pain,
Romantically inept and feeling much strain!

We seek co-existence, and appear quite attractive,
As love tries evolving, for as long as we live –
But a plus is a plus, and that strength might not last;
One must acknowledge when the dice are re-cast!

Light travels far, on that million-year journey,
While somewhat rejecting that wide open sea.
The universe explodes, with its imploding stars;
Can right a ship rolling, with waves as its scars…

Bitter acceptance and a piece of humble pie
Are the only real glories on which we can rely…
Better being served and a cornerstone of living –
Caring to forgive and not shy about giving!

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