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Your Handle an Acrostic
by Steve Cope

Six days and the world was created.
In the time of rest on the seventh, all was so quiet and serene.
Millions of animals, flora, fauna, and creatures of the deep.
Pomp and circumstance were not necessary, just watching the world grow.
Letting Adam name the creatures of land, sea, and air He is ready for the fellowship.
Yet something happened that changed things for humankind for all time.
Corruption, deceit, and cunning crept onto the scene and no one was safe.
Oh the manipulating that went on, the logical steps that were followed.
Mere twisting of one word, and things didn't seem so bad to eat afterall.
Putrid and vile, the snake in the grass unleashed separation between man and God.
Losing their awareness of the Creator, they hid and did not come out to walk with Him.
Everything was known by Him and because of their transgression out of Eden they did go.
Xylephones, guitars, and lutes, all instruments we can use to praise Him now.

In a SimplyComplex world Your Handle an Acrostic tells the tale of creation and the trials and tribulations brought about by eating of the Tree Of Knowledge.

Thank you for your participation and meeting the challenge in SherriG's Sizziling Summer Auction.  The matching contribution was infact 2x the ending bid, so 110k GPs went into the overall payout totals.  That's 110k more, merely because you placed a bid, and change is going to occur in the lives of others in the near future.  Whoo whoo!
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