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"Remember when" How time goes by in Real Life
"When our time end's remember what you been through the up's and down's, Remember why you have friends there here to take away the pain, To make you feel better, they even make you feel like you have a brother and sister, Like a family you never had it's also nice that there parents make you feel at home. Remember how many time's you saved them for being closed to them while neither two of you knew it, Remember how much you loved them and in a way you don't want to say it cause you might feel stupid, Remember when you knew the love of your life got married and had beautiful family and you sometimes wonder how did I get her/him and a beautiful home, Remember when you wanted to change back time but you couldn't so just you can have tried to have that one last talk, Remember when your where little made friend's and still have pictures of them, you upload them and they are amazed that you still have them after all these year's, Remember when you saw an old friend that you haven't seen in year's and still remember your name and talked about old time's and wished that had never ended, Remember when a loser asked you out but you said “no” 10 year's later you see them they look amazing, Remember when you where shy and you wanted to ask her/him out to a date but you couldn't cause of butterflies and you where friends but you never knew that she/he also loved you but had let it go to move on but you still wanted to tell them anyway what they would had said at the time, Remember when you made a promise to a love one and knew it was a lie and you said that everything will be fine and actually wouldn't be and you fall into tear's in secret and you wanted to help them but couldn't and you where supposed to be the first one's to go and not them, Remember that it was nice knowing you, and you knew that we might not see each other or say good-bye, but you wonder that we might see each other again in heaven or a different time, Remember when I wanted to tell you something but I decided to keep to myself but then I wonder what be your reaction be, Remember how life is feels like a movie but you can never stop,pause,rewind, cause it only moves forward, Remember it's nice to have memories cause it feel's like it was yesterday”.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1714963-Remember-how-life-has-gone-by