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This is what I'm working on. Let me know if you'd be interested in reading the full thing.
NOTE: This is a quick little thing that explains what the book I'm writing is mainly about. Just let me know if it's something that would interest you. Or if I should include anything else.

Autumn is the type of person who pushes people out of her life when they’re not needed. She lives in the present, and doesn’t need the past holding her back. She may meet someone, be completely-in-like, then get suddenly sick of, and toss them out of her life. She’s been doing it for years. Learns it from her mother. Push people away. Deep down, Autumn doesn’t want to settle. She doesn’t want to fall in love, she’s afraid. With her father, simply nonexistent, and her mother taking out the dysfunctional marriage out on Autumn, creating a tense relationship between the two, Autumn is left emotionally disturbed. How does Autumn escape? She sneaks out. Simple. She runs away, and decides to come back when it’s easier for her. But she always comes back, her reputation is very important to her. This affects her relationship with certain types of people. More specifically, Robby. A recovering drug addict. With a lightness to the word recovering, he only did it for one reason, he loves Autumn. Now, love…Autumn doesn’t stick around for love. At first, things are simple, when they’re strictly secret friends. They can even be described as secret best friends. Things ¬¨¬¨start changing when he starts doing things for her out of love, and not just friendship. What does Autumn, also known as Auto do best? Push. What’s one more push? Auto moves on, like she always does. Meets new guys who all get eventually pushed and within months of ignoring, neglecting, and disregarding Robby’s existence, Auto fails to realize how it’s affecting him. Robby relapses, returning to his drugs and old ways out of his love for Autumn. When’s his breaking point? A violent encounter at someone’s house, possibly? Has she pushed him to the point of doing the unthinkable? Murder? Suicide? Nevertheless, it’s lasting effects change Autumn completely. So, she survived, doesn’t mean she’s happy about it. But the return of a past ‘push’ might just save Autumn from the horrors of reliving the traumatic events ultimately leading to a life lesson that also helps her pass eleventh grade English.
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