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Challenge #3, created for the Paper Doll Gang Newbie Project!
The following is my review for ({ritem:}), and I hope that you find it to be useful to you. Please take my comments as opinions of an individual, and use your own discretion when deciding what to apply and what to ignore. If you have any questions about anything I say here, please feel free to message me - my door is always open!

Positive points will be denoted by a *Star*.
Points for improvement will be denoted by a *Checkv*.

*Bulletv* General Impressions *Bulletv*

*Bulletv* The Technical Side *Bulletv*

*Bulletv* Plot and Setting *Bulletv*

*Bulletv* Characters and Dialogue *Bulletv*

*Bulletv* Overview *Bulletv*

*Bulletv* What I Loved!

Thank you for sharing your work here on WdC, and I hope this was helpful to you!
Keep putting pen-to-paper,

*Vignette5* L.C. *Bird* The Dark Huntress *Vignette5*
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