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by Lecy
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Ever have a backstabbing friend?
Once upon a time, we were really great friends.
It's sad to say, that our friendship had to end.
You would once come over and just to hang with me.
I asked why you stopped, you said you didn't want to be around everything.
You broke up with your guy and started coming around again.
This time it wasn't to hang with me, it was the everything.
I started to disappear because I'm better than those things.
Sitting in that house, will kill your hopes and dreams.
So why was it me, who always had to speak first?
You have a mouth, you could of said a few words.
But I guess over the years, we just ran out of things to say.
Boy we had a blast, but those were better days.
I just wanted to let you know, how disappointing it is that you've changed.
I guess that's just what happens, when you're around all of those things.
It would be nice if it was still the same, the way things were,
But I see how you are now.. and I'm just not that kind of girl.
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