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by Lecy
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Hate your job? I did.
So your IPod looks sad
Just throw it away
I feel so bad
That I can't help you today
Sike I'm kidding
I don't really care
You can cry all you want
Cause your musics not there
I sit on my ass
Making money from your call
You call in for help
But don't get it at all
You want it repaired
You want it replaced
It's your fault you bought one
You should be kicked in the face
Catch it on fire
Throw it in a pool
I'll call you a liar
If you say IPod's are cool
I'll have you restore
Now your musics gone
You say your musics missing
And I tell you your wrong
Your musics still there
It's on your computer
Don't worry about that now
We'll get to it later
You get pissed
And start to swear
Repeating again
How your musics not there
Do you have A.D.D?
Your musics not missing
I told you that once
But you just could listen
I wish I could hit you
Because you're such a pain
these phone calls all day
Are driving me insane
I hate Apple
And I hate IPods
The moneys not worth it
Not worth it at all
So your IPod is broke
And you want me to fix it
But when you call in
All you're doing is bitching
Just shut the fuck up
And hang up the phone
Get in your car
And begin down the road
Turn up the radio
Wind down the window
Hold out your IPod
And just let it go.
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