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She's Seth's sister. I hope you have as much fun reading her as I did write her.
Full Name: Samantha Lynn Wright

Age: 56 years old          

Blood Type: Squib

Wand: None

Job: Samantha owns and runs a muggle orphanage in London, England called St. Francis Orphanage.

Physical Description: Samantha stands 5 foot 4 ½ inches. She weighs 120 pounds. She would by muggles be called classed as a model. Her hair is long and dirty blond in color. Samantha has green-hazel eyes. In her later years, her hair has lightened. She has kept her youthful appearance, appearing at least 20 years younger than she really is.

Personality: Samantha has the personality of a matron. She is a by the book kind of person. She loves the children in her charge, especially three. She knows that her brother Seth spoils the children, when she isn’t there or watching. She loves pretending that she gets mad at him for this; but in reality she knows that these sweets aren’t harmful in moderation. When it comes to secrets she has never betrayed any that she may know. She believes that both the magical and muggle worlds can live together. She believes that muggles are from generations of squibs and that is why the wizards known as muggle-borns happen. Her faith in her brother is endless. She would and has gone to his aid whenever Seth has called.

Likes: Samantha loves her family. She is extremely devoted to her brother Seth and the children of St. Francis Orphanage. She loves reading. She would spend hours reading anything she could get her hands on. She loves magic even though she had never been able to weld any herself. She liked her squib friend James Spellman. Samantha also likes chocolate frogs which Seth would bring home. Her love for plants stems from the small plants that Seth had brought from school. She had a garden that nobody but Seth and she could tend. She shared her brother’s love for animals. She loved science. Her science skills have helped her do some things that before only a wizard could do.

Dislikes: Samantha dislikes the fact that she is a squib. She also disliked every flavor beans. She hates racists. Samantha also hates wizards who use their power for their own gain.

Family/History: (this section must be a minimum of 250 words)
Samantha was born to Seamus and Alice Wright. She had one older brother an Auror named Seth Wright. He was 4 years old than her. Samantha is very proud of her older brother. She also had a lot of distant cousins that she doesn't see much of. Their parents died while Seth was in America, leaving a small fortune and several pieces of land in England, Scotland and an island called 'The Isle of Wright' to Seth and Samantha. Samantha took the land in England, for St. Francis Orphanage. Seth had always loved their homeland of Scotland and he took those. They decided to rent out 'The Isle of Wright' and save the money in Grinnotts' bank.

Seth went to Durmstrang when she was 7.  Samantha knew that Seth hated the fact that she was never to attend as she was a squib. Samantha knew that Seth wasn’t racist. He just didn’t like the fact that others judge his sister.  She first learned of the difference between them during a conversation between him and their parents.

Seth had said excitedly, “I can’t wait to come back and show Samantha all my new books.”

Their father Seamus had shook his head sadly and said, “But Seth, Samantha can never use the information in those books.”

When Seth had heard that she would never weld a wand, Samantha had for the first time seen her brother explode. Not liking seeing her brother like that Samantha ran out of the house. She never blamed him for how he felt. She always knew that he loved her very much. When Seth had found her in the tree house later, she was crying. It was at that moment that Seth made two vows. One was to never explode like that again. The second was to try to teach her in secret. Samantha loved reading and magic so she greatly appreciated what her brother had vowed. She silently vowed to try and prove those who said she had no magic wrong. She also promise herself to learn everything she could about what it meant to be a squib. Later after her and Seth finished school, that information and trust came into play.

For one, Samantha introduced Seth to another squib named James Spellman. Samantha had met James while she went to a muggle public school. After Seth met James, Samantha realized that Seth had asked James for a very big favor. Two years later, Seth had brought a young two year old to the orphanage. That was when Samantha realized how much her brother really trusted her. The toddler’s life was in danger and between the two of them; they devised a plan to insure the girl’s safety.

The second was that Samantha being aware of the magical world was able to help the muggle-born with hiding their gifts. This has helped a lot of children at the orphanage. There are three children that Samantha has a special place for in her heart. The girl named Tocanema Tia Spellman. Samantha fell in love with the toddler since Seth brought her. A girl named Miranda. Sam had always wished that she could have adopted Mir herself. The last is Tia’s brother Marcus Andreas. She and Marcus had only one goal in mind. That was to protect Tia. Samantha had also wanted to protect Marcus and blames herself for not being able to.

Now she does what she can to protect Tia Andreas. Her and her brother had decided when the girl was two, that the best way to keep her safe; was to change her name. They also thought it best to keep her in the dark. Samantha like Seth has found it hard to lie to her. Samantha especially found it painful to lie about Marcus. The only thing that made it alright was the knowledge that Tocanema was the perfect name for little Tia; as she is a wild one when she gets angry. Samantha knew that if Tia ever could prove that Marcus was murdered; she would hunt the person down. That is Samantha only real fear is that Tia will hunt for Marcus’ killer and be no match for him. Unlike Seth, Samantha has never been fully convinced that it was about what happened at the takedown. That fact is what scares her the most. What if they are looking in the wrong place? She has always felt like the killer was under their noses.
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