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This is the bio for a girl that has a very interesting family. Hope you enjoy reading her.
Full Name: Rosabelle Isla Fairmont

Age and Year: 11 years old / 1st year

Wand: 12 inches, Elder wand with Chimaera Scale

Blood Type: Half-Blood

Physical Description: Rosabelle is small standing only 4 foot 2 ½ inches. She has a small frame due to her weighting only 70 pounds. Rosa as her friends call her has long dishwater blond hair and almond shaped blue eyes.

Personality: Rosa is very outgoing around her friends. Because of this her friends can get her into trouble, due to her naïve nature. She has had a tendency to not check things out. When she is around people she doesn’t know, she becomes shy. When she is with her parents or their families she becomes serious and outspoken.

Likes: Rosa loves to read. She will spend hours in the library. She has seen a few Quidditch games and has always dreamt of flying. Her maternal grandparents always send her Chocolate frogs  for Christmas and her birthday. She loves them due to the fact she loves her family. Rosa also loves animals of all kinds. Rosa loves chess and will play it with her father; anytime when she is not in the library or with her friends.

Dislikes:  Rosa hates that her parents talk about a family called Lupin but when pushed for details, they would clam up, She has always felt that this family was the reason she had heard her mother crying on certain days.  She hates cooking. She hates her mother’s garden. One of her magical friends gave her a Canary Cream for Halloween when she was 9 years old and it took a week for her to turn back. She has hated them ever since.

Family and History: (this section must be a minimum of 150 words)
Phoebe, who was a pure blood witch and Luke Fairmont, a muggle-born  had given up their four previous children because of economic problems to a married vampire and werewolf named Nathalie and Gabriel Lupin. Nathalie was the vampire, while Gabriel was the werewolf. But, the Fairmonts had another child a year after that they called Rosabelle Isla. They had never regretted helping the Lupins and knew that the others were being well care for. Phoebe still cried on their birthdays, So they decided to keep this child. It meant swallowing their pride and asking their parents for help. This was due to the fact that they had eloped and believed that their parents still were mad about the elopement. They were wrong.

Rosa was never told about her siblings due to the fact that she was a latent. She didn’t show any magic until the day she overheard the name Lupin. When she asked who they were, her family could not answer for fear that she would hate them. At that time her friend Telk had came over to give her a Halloween present, a Canary Cream. Since she was mad because her question had not been answered; she stuffed the whole thing in her mouth. She turned into a Canary and stayed that way until a week later. On her 10th birthday, right before having to call off the party; her parents found her back to her normal, outspoken self.

Rosa again asked before the party about the Lupins and was told only that she would find out in September. The parents still fear the day when Rosa meets her siblings. They knew when that day came they wouldn’t just have Rosabelle to answer but Theodore, Romulus, Liladora and Holly Lupin too. As the day for Rosabelle to board the train came near, Luke decided to send an owl to Gabriel Lupin and give the man a heads up about the coming fireworks.
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