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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Romance/Love · #1715760
Very short story of obsessive love. Inspired by Mistress Raven!
She made me do it.
Just by being, she made me. Her beauty arrested my eyes, her mind intrigued mine and what glimpses of her soul I saw made me eager for more. Just sitting there at the bar, sipping a colorful cocktail and talking to me, she made me do it.
She wanted me to do it.
Never expressed in words, but in her entire being I could sense her need. Her strength and vulnerability, made me realize she would never ask, but she wanted me to do it.
She made me want it.
Her smell, no specific scent, but so a part of her. I could be in a dark room and know she was there, and oh how I longed to be in a dark room with her. The sight of her pale soft skin, made me want to reach out and touch her, with my hands, my mouth, with my entire building.
She made me.
When she left, I followed her. When she locked her door behind her, I considered leaving, but I couldn't. She made me do it. I broke in through her back window, and searched for her. She was in the shower. I hesitated outside the door, but she wanted me to do it. I know she did. I stepped in, the room was steamy, and full of that smell. Behind the shower curtain, though I couldn't see, was that milky skin. She made me want it. I undressed quickly, then pulled aside the shower curtain and stepped in. The look of shock on her face was beautiful. I took her in my arms. Her slick body struggling against me was intoxicating. I pulled her to the shower floor and took her there. She made me. She wanted me to do it. She made me do it.
She loved it.
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