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I read on writing and like to share what I learn with my friends, who are you!
I have purchesed a book called The EVERYTHING Guide to Writing Your First Novel,It is a great read! It is helping me alot with my novel right now! Keep this book in mind if you dont have it yet!


The other day me and my partner went to Chapters while the children were still at their grandparents.

I purchesed a few things, 1 was the magazine the Writer. This is a great magazine and suggest others to get it if they can! 2. Leisure Panter, very interesting magazine and planning on doing some painting in the near future, 3. the Artist's Muse UNLOCK THE DOOR TO YOUR CREATIVITY By Betsy Dillard Stroud BOOK&CARD KIT!This book with the cards I can't wait to use! When I have some alone time and free time as well! 

I would like to Share with you my favorite articles in 'the Writer' Magazine. My first favorite was an article about Marilyn Monroe. She was a poet and a journal writer. She loved books.

My second favorite would have to be 'Create your own MFA in 5 steps' This articles has so many wonderful ideas and really made me think about a back up plan for myself. For one I have decided to applie for my MFA at a near college. As always Im wondering if Im going to get a rejection letter. What to do if I do. Do I stop writing and just forget about it? Or plan my own semiesters and essays to write and programs to sign up for writing. This is something Iv been thinking about most of the day.



Every time I go up town I really try hard not to go in any stores that I know have stationary. If I do I know Ill be hoping for a sale. Even if there is no sale I'll be walking out of there with 20-30 dollars worth of new stuff.

      I like binders. Why? Well you can have one binder for each long or short novel your working on. Just punch some pretty paper for making dividers. Have each one with chapter 1, chapter 2 and so on. This way you can always add new ideas or pictures.



        I have been doing alot of research laltly on a subject that I need to know alot about for my romance thriller. I do enjoy research dont you?.


APRIL 28, 11.

I have been doing reading out of my Writers Digest magazine. Its a wonderful tool wouldnt you think?

Has anyone has a great experice to share?


I have decided to look for my own writing retreat. This is a local library. So I went there with my flash drive in hand. Hopeing to be in a nice quiet place. But I was mistaken. It was loud hah. There was another group there that I didnt know about. I sat down at the computer and type as much as I could...I couldnt think streat. Once my few lines were saved I headed to a chair and read for awhile then left. Ill go back tomorrow and see how it goes.



It has been a very long time since I added a new post to this blog. So since

I have the house to myself I'll add a post.

Write STARTS Creative prompts to get you writing


I have had this book for less then a year and I just love it! I'll flip through it till

I find one that fits my mood and write and write. There are so many great ideas to

start with. And really really helps with getting those creative juices flowing from my

imagination to my finger tips or to the tip of my pencil. 

  I will flip through and find one that I did and let you all read it. Let me know what you think of the prompt,

"Write about the pleasures of home."


Here we relax

Our hearts are content

Moments to remember

Endless locations!!

         Home is where the heart is, as they say. This is so true. Many things happen in our lives. Good or bad, it will usually happen at Home.

         Home is a place of love and relaxation. Where you can go and be your self. You can look and feel how you want and Home will not judge you for being yourself. It dose not matter where you are or what the building looks like, its what you make of it.

         The blissful thing of Home is the possibilities to full it with things and people you love and care for the most. Create a peace heaven, bring in your friends and family and share with them your Home.

         Always changing and creating to your style and taste. The best thing about Home is its always there for you, and will never expect less of you or for you to change to be something your not.

         My pleasures of home is what I make of it. And Im pleased to call Home my Home...


December 18, 2012,

It has been awhile since I have added somethig new to this static. So Im up early with my coffee and thinking of what to add. There is something I joined that I would like to share with you all.

The CBI ClubHouse.

Im a fighting book worm now! hehe

Its a wonderful site to help new and old writers with their children and teen writing. I have watched one video and have been inspired to begin an old project.


Decemeber 21st

I have been writing every morning after the kids go to school. It works wonders since I only need 15 mins in the morning. Ill grap my coffee and walk down to my bedroom and sit and look out my window and write. Ill usually write what I see out the window and make it a little more spunky. When is your favorite time to write?


December 27

Another Christmas has come and gone. This year I got a nice camera that Iv been asking for for awhile now! I really like it! Its not bulky and takes normal batterys so I dont have to worry about charging it all the time lol.

I havnt done as much reading and writing as I would like. But I will as soon as I find time in my mornings and at work.



Yes another year has come and gone and we are still alive ;). Some told me stories of the end of the world. I will admit I was a little nervous. Mostly since you don't know what to expect from humans. I had water stored and dried goods just in case :)

  Since it is a new year I have decided to make a resolution towards my writing. I have decided to do at least one writing course. This is something I have been wanting to do for a very long time. So this year I will make sure I have the funds and actually do it and enjoy it too!

~Wish me luck!!! Have fun writing. :)


March 3/ 2013

I have been sitting over here in different spots of my place thinking about once again Platform!

I have decided to go with children and teen writing. Since this is where are my ideas are.

Right now I'm reading the Children's Market book 2013. I have picked alot Id like to write for and Im going to start sending submissions out tomorrow!

I went over my binder of manuscripts I have sent out in the past. And the last one I sent was in 2007!!! I cant believe it! So tomorrow is the beginning of sending my work out and doing it all the time. I have the time. A great writing space and the work!

Wish me luck my friends!


June 18th today,

Last month I went to my first writers confrence! I was so excited and nervous at the same time. It was a breath of fresh air to be in a room with other like minded people like me. I took with me the unicorn story I have on here. Some liked it and some didnt. The confrence was for childrens writing, so its an off story. But it can be easly created into one with pictures. I was told I need more dialog so I'll be working on that.

      For the past year now I have been wrting doen my thoughts and ideas every morning for 15mins on my lap top. This has helped me alot. Once the kids are off to school I take my coffee and sit down and write anything and everything that comes to my mind. I have so many ideas bouncing around in my head at once its hard to grab just one and work on it.

  I hope everyone is writing a little bit every day as well :)

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