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Tarik-Ari is an Egyptian Magi. His path in life seems clear but is it?
Full Name: Tarik-Ari Sadiki-Talibah (Egyptian for Warrior Guardian Seeking Knowledge)

Age: 65 years old          

Blood Type: pure

Wand: 15” Tamarisk with Egyptian Sphinx’s wing feather

Job: Applying for the Position of Study Ancient Runes Professor

Physical Description: A man of great age yet ageless in appearance. Not that he hasn't aged or that age will not catch up to him in the normal span of time. His experiences and unique studies have left him in a very good condition. His long dark hair still reveals its health from his youth but also reveals the trials of time. Piercing dark brown eyes reveal his true experience with life including all the signs of age and great wisdom. His 6' 1” body is muscular and powerful but it is in his wisdom that he succeeds against all odds. His religious beliefs in the old gods of his Egyptian blood, guide his every step. This includes how he eats, drinks, and cares for his physical well being. 

Personality: Tarik-Ari was at one time a kind and gentle man. He still is to a point, but has been known to be strict and firm with anybody he is trying to teach. Whether, it be his students or the people at a dig site; he likes things done properly. He is very protective of his students and his way of life. He also has been known to make snap decisions, sometimes to his own regret. He can appear sometimes stressed; though he will not tell why. He has learned all forms of casting, from Charms to the Dark Arts themselves. He believes that everybody has had some form of magic in their history. His passion for games of the mind has helped in training his way of life.

Likes: History, Archeology, Study of Ancient Writings of all kinds, Loves Egypt, Potions, Casting of any kind, healthy foods, working out, his falcon Horus, McBurr, Bina, Ryan, animals of Egypt

Dislikes: Flying, junk food, Dahana and wishes that McBurr would just break ties with the man. Students that are not even trying, he will always help those who try though. Thieves,

Family/History: (this section must be a minimum of 250 words)
Tarik-Ari Sadiki-Talibah was born to a family of pure-blood Magi in the heart of Egypt. At a very young age, his father Abdo-Ari started training him to follow in the ways of the Magi. He learned to hide in the shadows of the desert and to protect his way of life. Protecting the vast history of Egypt is what gives meaning to the life of a Magi. This is what he was taught all his young life. Magic was everywhere in Egypt’s history. He learned the sacred writings of his people. It gave him a love for all forms of writing. As he got closer to his naming, his people watched him. He was always seeking more and more knowledge. He was also protecting that knowledge.  When the time for his name to be given came, there was no doubt in any of the old Magi’s’ minds of what the gods had chosen for him. They told him that he was The Warrior Guardian Seeking Knowledge or Tarik-Ari Sadiki-Talibah. With that he was removed from his parents care and spent the next 7 years in an Egyptian School of Magic in the City of the Dead. All of his studies came from his Saygar. This was an old custom dating back to the time of the Pharaohs. There he learned the history of magic as taught at the twelve sacred sites of learning, the ancient writings of the Celtics, Norsemen, Native American, Babylonian, Mayan, Aztec, Inca, and Israeli. These he was taught along with Egyptian Hierographics. Tarik-Ari was told that writing was power and ancient writings were from an ancient power. He also learned all the fighting styles of his people as well as all forms of casting. This was to prepare him for protecting the tombs and ways of his people. When he graduated, he was told that he would leave Egypt for no less than 7 years. He would not be allowed to come back until the gods had tested his heart. This too was part of his schooling. He was to learn firsthand what the other magical communities were like. For the Magi were also traders, so to know about the other countries was to have knowledge; to have knowledge was to have power.

While in Iran, just prior to the revolution he met a British Auror named Dempsey. The two, hit it off immediately, sharing all their secrets from their profession. During the Iran revolution of 1979, Dempsey helped Tarik-Ari to escape capture. They both were in danger and Dempsey knew he needed Tarik-ari's help. They both had endured further problems as they entered Iraq but the power of both worked to their advantage. During their escape to Saudi Arabia Tarik-Ari began to teach Dempsey secrets that have never been shared outside of his order of Magi. This knowledge was forbidden from ever leaving his order, but Dempsey needed some extra knowledge to help aid them along their way. Dempsey began to teach him secrets that he had learned worldwide, both on his own and from his parents. This began a very secretive sharing of knowledge that the two have never, and will never share with another.

The two, keep in touch no matter where they are in the world.  Tarik-Ari has many other friends but none like Dempsey.  Tarik-Ari learned about Daniel from Dempsey, and he is the only person that Dempsey shared the full nature of their relationship with. Tarik-Ari could care less about the Ministry of Magic or the Seven but between the two he agrees with Dempsey. He has never met the man or any member of the Seven other than Dempsey, but does not care to. Unless he has a purpose, why get involved with matters that do not concern him. If and when they do, he will then make a choice. No matter what, he will back Dempsey, even if it meant a fight to the death. They have already faced the impossible and survived. He knows Dempsey would do the same for him in a heartbeat.
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