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part 5....
CHAPTER THREE: First day disasters

Seven strange teens walked down the hall way towards class-room A-2. Contacts to hide their naturally yellow eyes. Vampires.
In A-2, Momo and Sarah talked about Karin with Mitsuki, but she wasn't really listening. She couldn't hear them. She didn't want to hear them, anyway. The teacher came in, and the girls went back to their seats, practically in tears. At first, Mitsuki was still in her own little world, tuning out. But then she noticed the seven new students following the teacher. One of them, a brown haired, and green eyed, Alphonse.

"Class," The teachers crackly voice rippled through the quiet, empty room, "We have several new students today, as you can see. Please welcome," She pointed down the row, "Jinn Hino,Kosuke Mine, Shun-Rye Tou, Lulu deflyre, Suu and Yuu Tou-no, and Alphonse Black,"
The class said hello in correspondence, but dead, with no emotion. They were all drained from what had happened at the school just a few weeks ago.
Momo leaned over to Mitsuki, "Wow, all of them are from japan like you... ...they're all really attractive, but I'm not sure that one on the end is old enough to be in this class,"
Mitsuki almost laughed when she saw Alphonse's eye twitch from the corner of her eye. Mitsuki sighed, then, standing, she said, "Sorry, can I have a moment with Alphonse," But before the teacher could question, Mitsuki had already dragged Alphonse in the hall, "What the hell?"
"Look, I said it before, the minute I'm not with you they'll strike, what happened in that class room a few weeks ago should have proven that!" He whispered.
"Who are they? Are they-"
"They're vampires, but not like me, from the VA-"
Mitsuki raised an eye brow, "What's that?"
"It's a school, for vampires. But It's more a hiding place than a school. There, they're given a good education, protection, and control,"
"Then... ...why didn't you go?"
"I did- Look It's a long story-"
"Well, why are they here?"
"I need help. I can't do this alone with only Mafune's

help. They've got many goals, and will do anything and everything to make every one of them a complete success. The short time I was there, these guys became something similar to what you might like to think of, as my friends, so, I asked for their help, and here they are."
"Wah," She sighed at her loss of words.
Alphonse swayed toward the door, "Come on,"
They went back inside, and Mitsuki ignored her confused teacher, and sat back in her seat. After the new seven took their new seats, Momo leaned back over to Mitsuki, "You know that Alphonse guy?"
Mitsuki shook her head, with a quick half smile.
Momo shook her head, as if considering something, then glanced at Alphonse, shook again, then said, "He's cute,"
Mitsuki laughed a little, turning back around to the front, and Momo followed. Though she wasn't looking at him, Mitsuki new Alphonse was grinning behind her.

The bell had rang, and the students all talked in a hushed murmur as they packed their things. Mitsuki stood next to Alphonse, the new vampires all looking at her. Especially the blonde one, who looked like she wanted to rip her head off for, Mitsuki guessed by the way she looked at the vampire next to her, touching or even being near Alphonse. "We'll all get equated at the mansion," Alphonse whispered, and they all shook their heads. They all headed for the door, and the blonde one made sure to bump into Mitsuki before following the others, and shot her a death glare. Alphonse rolled his

eyes, "Ignore her, She has issues,"
Mitsuki looked down, bitting her lip, as Alphonse pulled her towards the door, "Wait, I'll meet you guys out side, let me talk to Momo and Sarah for a minute,"
After a few seconds, Alphonse shook his head, and joined the others. Mitsuki heard Him argue with Lulu a moment before going, but after a second she gave in, and left, but not before shooting Mitsuki another glare.
Mitsuki smiled, as she stood by Momo and Sarah, "Hey, how are both of you doing?"
Sarah sighed, picking up her bag, and leaving with out a word. Momo rolled her eyes, "Karin's been her best friend since kindergarden, and she might die, she's not taking well,"
"What about you?" Mitsuki asked, sympathetically.
"Alright I guess, really worried, and-" Momo chocked, fighting tears, "I just, h-have to, to stay, to stay s-strong for her, for Sarah. If, if I, sarah, I don't know what she'd do I, if I couldn't be strong for h-her," She managed to chock out, tears falling from her cheeks. Tears welled in Mitsuki's eyes at the sight, and she tightly hugged her friend. "It'll be Ok, Momo. She's ganna be fine. Karin, and Sarah. I promise, Ok?"
Her face red, and tears poring, words caught in her throat, Momo shook her head, then fell back into Mitsuki's arms.

It had been about ten minutes, and Momo had whipped her tears already. As Mitsuki went to the door, she looked back at Momo, "You ganna be Ok? Can you get home Ok?"
She shook her head, "I'll be fine, don't... ...don't tell Sarah

about this-"
"Don't worry," And she turned back to the door, and as she left she said, "See you tomorrow," And Momo said, "Thank you,"

When she got back to the group, Alphonse gave her a sympathetic look, but not the blonde girl. She snarled, "What, exactly were you doing for 15 minutes, that was so important-"
Alphonse cut her off, "Lulu, enough," In a stern voice, and she backed down with a growl, and a sigh. "You Ok?" Alphonse asked her, putting a hand on her.
She sniffled, and shook her head, and with a half smile said, "Yeah, I'm fine. Let's go,"
He shook his head, "K,"
And Lulu glared at Mitsuki, with Alphonse's arm around her the whole walk home.

It had been an hour since Mitsuki left. It was almost dark out side, and shadows gleamed in the class room, where Momo stood, run out of tears, staring out the window. Finally, she grabbed her bag, with a sigh, and left the school.
As she walked home, in the dark now, she thought about Karin, in the hospital. She wondered what would happen to her? She couldn't die, It just couldn't happen. Something like that, just wasn't suppose to happen to real people. Wasn't suppose to happen to her. Then she thought about Sarah, and how week she was right now. How tired, worried, depressed, scared. How much worse it would be on her if she couldn't be

strong for her. She was the strong one. The one that never cried, never got scared after a horror movie in the dark. But this time was different, she felt just as weak as Sarah. But she could never let that show.
Just then, she heard a rustling noise, like something moving quickly, from place to place. It sounded like an animal. She breathed. an animal. she told herself. She heard it again, and her heart skipped a beat. She quickly looked around, her heart racing. She realized she was by the park. She turned away from it, and when she did she heard someone on the swings, but when she quickly turned to see who it was, there was no one there. She exhaled deeply in relief, "oh, just paranoia,"
She turned back, and jumped, her heart skipped a beat, to see a young girl with long blonde pony tails, blood red eyes, and shinning white fangs gleaming in her grin, "Nope," She laughed, and Momo screamed a scream no one would ever hear, as the little vampire girl slashed into her neck with her fangs, ripping her skin apart as she sucked the blood, and squeezing her so tightly around the waist it was breaking her spine. Tears fell down Momo's face, and slipped to the dark, wet ground when she lay on it, Maron licking her lips, and grinning, just before vanishing.

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