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Lois's fear realized. Tom was needed as a fill-in... on stage.
The conductor raised his baton and the soft tones of “The Nutcracker Suite” began. Tom and Lois sat with three other couples all with camcorders ready.

“I love this Christmas ballet,” Alice blurted with her eye fixed to the viewfinder.

“Joni, our daughter, as the prima ballerina. I can’t believe it Tom,” Lois whispered, “All the practice with the teacher has really paid off.” Tom smiled and nodded. Lois glanced at him and winked.

The opening scene with the Christmas party at the Stahlbaums' house is revealed. Several flashbulbs popped and the whine of an army of video cameras started. The parents whispered among themselves as to their child’s role and how well they were doing.

A woman in leotards approached the table. She motioned to Tom and Lois, “Tom, we need you.” Tom arose and slipped through the stage door to the right. The whole table glanced at each other. Several shrugged. Lois scooted her chair back trying to look calm.

Journey Through the Snow was the next dance. The lights turned up, and there in the middle of the stage stood Tom, a 275 pound man in full leotards, next to Joni. Alice’s jaw dropped and the men in the group held their hands over their mouths and attempted to contain their chuckles.

“That’s something you don’t see everyday,” Robert quipped.

Tom lumbered across the stage, knowing every turn and spin as he danced with his daughter, Joni.

Stunned, the scene ended and the whole table stood, clapped, and cheered. Lois, who had sunk down into her seat barely keeping her eyes above the table cloth popped up and joined in the cheers. She nodded and said, “They’ve been practicing together. I guess if you cannot hide your family’s skeleton, you might as well make it dance!”

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Flash Story Must contain (or be inspired by): "If you cannot hide your family’s skeleton, you might as well make it dance."
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