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"The...trek homeward has been fraught with...ceaseless perils" - a poem.
With my sharp eyes loosely focused,
I gaze calmly at the barren, seamless miles
Of unforgiving roads forever displayed
In my cognizant, dubious vision; 
The air so fragrant and still with the foul odor
Of animal refuse and largely unregulated vehicle exhaust,
Stymied a bit by the smell
Of dry, life-sustaining vegetation. 
Lost amid the views of irrigated farmland
And vast clusters of motionless steer
Is the remote, but memorable vision of home
That has long awaited my fateful and joyous return,
With its jubilant relations and warmest regards.
The long trek homeward has been fraught with
Inherent struggles and ceaseless perils,
But will soon culminate in the wondrous satisfaction
And endless celebration
Of a favored son’s spiritual revival…

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