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A little girl meets fairies in the woods.

I first saw the fairies in the woods.
They beckoned me to dance with them.
I did and they were so cute,
They danced without music.

I told them my dreams.
They sprinkled fairy dust-
all over me and danced.
I got to be a ballerina.

They made me feel good when
bullies at school picked on me.
The bullies ran into bad luck
and they left me alone.

I won a Beauty Pageant-
when I was older.
The fairies left when
I became an adult.

I missed them but
I would see bright, shining
lights dancing in the forest at night
and I knew they were still there,

I bought my husband and
children to the forest when I came to visit.
My children saw the fairies
and the fairies loved them.

My life was full of love.
Good things happened,
Bad things happened
but the fairies made life good again.

Fairies in the forest,
Children and dreams.
Magic and love.
Fairies. You will always be my friends.

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