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Thoughts on turning thirty and realizing you are getting old
Being a single woman in your thirties and trying to find someone to spend your life with is not exactly as easy as it may have been in your twenties. It is no longer as easy as going to a bar where a bunch of guys in their twenties are hanging out, chugging beers, and basically were just looking for someone, nothing serious. Although at that time no one was thinking past that one drunken night and thinking about their future: things were simply about living in the moment. The intentions were about having fun with friends. There were no grand thoughts about the future and what it would be like, who you would end up with, or anything beyond shots, beer and music.

Going to bar as a single woman in her thirties has now become a startling depressing look at how life has moved on and now there is a new crowd of twenty somethings. You now are simply the in ‘older’ crowd. The crowd you swore you would never be a part of. It is a very odd feeling to see what looks like a very young crowd and realize that you are obviously no longer a part of that crowd, but are part of the ‘old’ crowd. I suppose that is why when you turn thirty, you no longer have those crazy nights out with friends and instead would rather hang out at home in sweats watching a movie and go to bed at a decent hour. Here’s to getting older!
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