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My thoughts on family reunion and the way it can affect your self-perception
Going to a family reunion can be an uncomfortable experience when you aren’t close with your extended family, but adds a whole new kind of dread as you get older.  When I say family reunion, I mean the entire family from your grandmother who lives in the next town to the extended family from half way across the country who you haven’t seen since you were in your awkward teen years.  Seeing that you have had no real contact with the aunts, uncles and cousins, there should be plenty to talk about, but that never seems to be the case.  It always seems like it’s the very generic topics like work or where you are living these days that is the only topics of conversation.  You know, the same kind of questions your dentist asks every six months when you go in for your checkup. 

Now being thirty and in a serious relationship with a good job you may be happy with you life, but the family reunion may make you feel like dog poop on the bottom of your favorite new shoe.  Seeing all your younger cousins who are now married is great, but can make you feel like the geeky cousin who obviously must have something wrong, but doesn’t know it.  It can feel like a smack in the face.  Constantly answering the question with “no, not married yet” can become old and tiring.  I am not sure if this pressure to get married is something that is emitted from society or if it is some kind of pressure we women put on ourselves.  Maybe it the bioglogical clock ticking or the realization that all those times you played house as a girl will be the closest you will ever get to experiencing that part of life.  So here’s my advice:  limit the family reunions to once a year!
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