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School princess Brittany plans to transform tomboy Kayla into a princess.
Taking the risk - Episode 2 (It’s so easy anyone can do it)

Kayla awoke at 07:00am and pulled on a pair of cargo trousers, a polo shirt and a red pullover, plus some white trainer socks.

She came down for breakfast, ate cereal followed by watermelon, she brushed her teeth then pulled on her white trainers and waited by the front door for the sounds of Brandon's father arriving.

He always drove Kayla and Brandon to school and brought them home again, he came at 08:00am and Kayla felt very unwell with butterflies in their stomach, this was probably pre-makeover stress.

Brandon sat next to her and talked through the problems.

Brandon: Kayla, I know Brittany's left you with a few unanswered questions but I am sure she'll answer them today.

Kayla: Maybe you're right but crikey I am nervous.

Brandon: I don't know you're usually capable of overlooking most things.

Kayla: This is different, this is about change, the changing of me into a better person, more of a girl than I ever was before.

Brandon: Any girl would give up so much to become a princess.

Kayla: Am I really that much of a freak.

Brandon: You're a 15 year old who dresses like a 60 year old and skates like a boy.

Kayla: Not for much longer, I'll be different, maybe this year you should take risks, be like me for once.

Brandon: I'll try cricket but it will bore me, I might go for soccer, you could be my personal cheerleader.

Kayla: Cool, as long as you are happy, then I'll jump for joy on a horse to be precised.

Brandon: Then I know which steps I have to take.

The weather was rather warm and Brandon felt relived he decided to wear shorts.

Joshua and Victoria had arrived but still no sign of Brittany, Kayla started to get worried that she had stressed her out.

She came in 15 minutes later though, seeming rather happy even if she hadn't been as punctual.

She came up to Kayla and Brandon.

Brittany: Good morning, I apologise I had to go and see Mystique,  she always has carrots on a morning and I lost track of time and was late arriving at the stables.

Kayla: It's fine I was just concerned, that's all.

Brandon: How are you today?

Brittany: Over the blue moon if you pardon the expression, are we all set Kayla.

Kayla: Yes but let's get today over with, 2 hours of Physics in a row, that takes some hard concentration which is difficult as it has to be the most dreary subject ever.

Brandon: Totally.

Brittany: Just think of something else, it works for me.

Kayla: I'll try that, thank-you so much,

Brittany: I should thank-you, you're really going to boast my popularity by your transformation, to be honest it'll boost your popularity from 0 to a much higher number and it will all be because of me.

Brandon: If I join the Soccer team that will make me more popular but how will Joshua and Zachary react, they had plans for me.

Brittany: Victoria has agreed to talk to them about making assumptions.

Brandon: No offence but you know the downsides of Cricket.

Brittany: Not really but I'm sure if it's important someone will tell me.

Kayla: He certainly pulls off the short look very well.

Brandon: You're too kind, I hope that will never change.

Brittany: Speaking of sports teams, would you like me to get you into any teams?

Kayla: How do you fit Netball, Gymnastics, Show jumping all in 1 week?

Brittany: By not being so demanding and keeping things at a reasonable level, I go Horse riding on weekends, Netball is on Monday and Gymnastics is on a Thursday.

Brittany broke for a minute to attend to a rule breaker.

Brittany: Spit out that gum, chewing gum is against school rules, I'll tell the head of year if this happens again.

Kayla: I just like the way you show your authority in this school.

Brittany: Someone has to do it and why not the prettiest, stylish, most popular, cleverest girl in grade 11.

Brandon: Were not all perfect, some people brake rules and sometime we can't help ourselves, I'm not like that but I'd like to see you get me in trouble.

Brittany: Not going to happen, now time for class and remember what I said about double Physics.

Kayla: Will do.

After registration came double Physics for Brandon and Kayla and they held their breathes through the lifecycle of a plant,

Kayla seemed to know what was being said.

Dr Taylor led the class.

Dr Taylor: Before we get to the life of a plant we need to get through photosynthesis.

Now can anyone tell me what it is?

Kayla: It's a process that coverts Carbon Dioxide into organic compounds using the energy from sunlight.

Dr Taylor: That's a good start, now I'll go over it in detail.

Photosynthesis uses Carbon Dioxide and water releasing Oxygen, it is vital for the Earth, life depends upon it as a source of energy.

Brandon: When was photosynthesis invented?

Dr Taylor: When all forms of life were micro-organisms, they weren't really invented but evolved about 350 million years ago when the Earth has less Carbon Dioxide.

Kayla: That is fascinating information.

Dr Taylor: I like to see a class member taking interest, now everyone take note of Kayla's positive attitude.

Now Kayla do you know what it is called when food is synthesised directly though Carbon Dioxide for light.

Kayla: It is photoautotrophs, Sir.

Dr Taylor: Indeed it is, you can have a reward for your in depth knowledge.

I am awarding you 2 gold stars for the star chart in your planner, there is a place to put the stars you collected and I'll put you a comment as well but after class we don't want to get delayed.

Brandon: Did you hear she's getting a makeover.

Dr Taylor: Yes but as long as it doesn't affect her school work, I think she should do what is essential for her to advance in life.

Kayla: All this is too much.

Dr Taylor: Go and get some water form the fountains and go and sit somewhere, I know you've had a lot to take in, this is grade 11 and things will be leading up to the exams so I know where the pressure is, I've been here before when I was younger.

Kayla went out of the classroom to 1 of the many water fountains the school had, she had taken a glass from her bag and carried it with her, she didn't like to use school cutlery or crockery for some reason.

She took her glass of water and went to sit on a seat near the school shop.

After a quarter of an hour she returned to class feeling much better.

Dr Taylor: Are we OK, I was concerned.

Kayla: Yes, I don't know what it was, I felt a fever coming on but now it seems to have gone.

The class went well and Dr Taylor felt Kayla had been so good, the kids filed out into the corridor.

Double Physics was finally over and time for break before Geography, Brandon headed to the Soccer pitch where Christopher is flexing his metatarsal muscle.

He stood at distance not to get in the way.

Brandon: Hello.

Christopher: Hello, you can come closer I've exercised enough.

Brandon: If you insist.

Christopher: Now what can I do for you?

Brandon: I was wondering when Soccer tryouts were.

Christopher: Thursday mornings and at lunch, somewhere around here, I think you've the type of person we want, so determined.

Brandon: How can you tell?

Christopher: I  know you, I've known you a while even though I am in 12th grade and you're a year lower.

Brandon: I don't know how to react.

Christopher: Just be here on Thursday, I know Soccer beats Cricket so feel free to tryout, I know you'll be great.

Brandon: You can count on me, I know this is my passion and I I am ready to prove my point.

Brandon left and went to catch up with Kayla and Brittany, still no Victoria but was she really needed.

Kayla: How did Christopher from Soccer react to your suggesting of joining the team.

Brandon: He seemed overwhelmed that I was taking an interest.

Kayla: That's brilliant, our friendship is really going to reach an all time high.

How long will I take to transform.

Brittany: I can do it all tonight including your hair, make-up, nails then you can borrow some outfits whilst I find the time to buy you some and it should all be complete in a few hours.

I'd makeover Brandon but he's cute enough.

Brandon: She is such a charmer, Brittany just ask me out if you want to.

Brittany: I'll sort Kayla out 1st then I might ask you out.

Kayla: Don't do anything you'll regret.

Brandon: It's just a matter of authority.

Kayla: I can't tell you what to do.

Brittany: Shall I put you on my sports teams?

Kayla: If it's not too much trouble.

Brittany: I'm in charge, it'll be no problem whatsoever.

Brandon: Can you get me on Soccer?

Brittany: I'll have a word but no false promises.

Kayla: Brandon, stop bugging Brittany for favours, she's already doing me 1.

Brandon: I know you'll try your hardest to be patient Kayla, it's not like you can just show up tomorrow and everyone will like you.

Brittany: I could pull a few strings, spread the word here at school about me giving a makeover to her, then she'll be liked.

I was going now, I wanted a hot chocolate and try to find Victoria, see you at lunch.

Kayla: Goodbye.

Brandon: Goodbye.

Geography was more fun than double physics and it gave Kayla the chance to explore, today they investigated China and learned about Pandas, Jackie Chan, the great wall and noodles as well as other forms of Chinese culture.

Brandon got to eat bamboo shoots, it was no Sushi.

Brandon, Brittany, Joshua, Kayla, Victoria and Zachary met for lunch a little after midday.

Brittany: We are pleased to have Victoria back, do not run off again you really worried me.

Victoria: I am sorry, I just needed to talk to Joshua that if he wanted you I'd dump him fast.

Joshua: Don't say that, you're as good as anyone.

Brittany: I might go out with Brandon.

Zachary: Are you sure, he won't even join the Cricket team.

Kayla: He'll be fine doing Soccer.

Joshua: I don't take advice from freaks of nature like you.

Brittany: Don't be so harsh on Kayla, I'm turning her into a girly-girl soon.

Brandon: Then you will from the Cricket team will run off with your hurtful comments.

Brittany: I'll defend you, no matter what.

Zachary: I feel we are getting nowhere here.

Brandon: I hope there is no disappointment that I'll be trying out for Soccer.

Joshua: No, I was just wound up by the fact we hadn't won a trophy last season.

Victoria: I'll still like you Joshua but I have no interest in Cricket either, go for that new rookie kid.

Zachary: Everyone's making that suggestion for some reason.

Kayla: I'll come and watch, how is that for a compromise.

Joshua: That would be totally cool, we need all the support we can get.

Brittany: Are times really that bad.

Zachary: Not really but we can always improve at something's.

Joshua: The Cricket team is always grateful of the support.

All 6 of them then ate and enjoyed the food very well and after all this they still had things to discuss.

Kayla: So a few hours of my current life, I'll be reborn by tomorrow.

Brittany: It's a good job today is Wednesday, I am a busy person and tonight I've plans to transform Kayla like agreed.

Brandon: Now off to afternoon lessons.

Joshua: Yes, it's that time already.

Victoria: Then we'll see you all tomorrow, except for Joshua, were going for milkshakes later is that correct?

Joshua: Yes as far as I know.

Brittany, Brandon and Kayla headed to Brittany's house after school ready for Kayla's makeover.

They had sprites and headed upstairs.

Kayla: Away we go; let's get started.

Brittany: I have to brush your hair or what you have of it.

Kayla: Thank-you, we have to be free of knots.

Brittany combed Kayla's hair then pulled out some long pieces of brown hair out of a clear plastic A4 wallet, she pulled several more plastic wallets from carrier bags, the bags were situated at the bottom of her wardrobe.

Brittany: I bought plenty of hair extensions so we don't run out.

Kayla: I think you have all we need, I'm so proud you agreed to do this.

Brittany: On the contrary, I knew  this was something I had to do for quite a while.

Kayla: I have pushed so far and now I know myself inside like you agreed.

Brittany: To start with I'll show you the hair extensions to you, now as you see they have clips at the end, they clip into your hair in pieces adding length and volume at the same time.

Would you like me to put 1 in and see what you think.

Brittany clips a hair extension into Kayla's hair.

Kayla: I like it, it changes who I am, it make me feel like I am special already.

Brittany: Shall I continue putting more in.

Kayla: Yes, we can't reach perfection slowly.

Brittany: I knew I could turn you around and my magic has already begun to work.

After clipping in hair extensions up to the bottom of Kayla's neck, Brittany paused to get a reaction.

Brittany: What do you think?

Kayla: It's nice but is that as far as we are going?

Brittany: No, since when was hair that short ever poular.

Kayla: I see what you mean.

Brittany: We're only about 40% complete, since when was a girl with mid length hair ever well liked, we are going very long, that's the traditional way.

Kayla: Then we'll go out like totally awesome that is.

Brittany: Did you decide on a hairstyle yet?

Kayla: I think I'd look good with French braids.

Brittany: With you I think it would work.

As Brittany clips in more hair, she realised what she was doing was for the best and Kayla knew the minutes were counting down before her new look was revealed.

Brittany talked to her to pass the time.

Brittany: Now which sports are you into?

Kayla: I kind of enjoy Rounders or Athletics.

Brittany: What is your favourite colour?

Kayla: Turquoise.

Brittany: What is your favourite animal?

Kayla: I like Butterflies or Spiders.

Brittany: Fascinating, you sound like the kind of person we need in our equestrian team.

I love the way you've battled through to prove to your classmates your capable of changing to fit in and that's the kind of reason me and Victoria want you show jumping with us.

Kayla: I won't let you down.

Brittany: Judging by those answers I know you were meant to be on a horse and with me as a friend, money isn't a problem.

Kayla: Do you think Christopher would ever date the all new Kayla.

Brittany: Yes, he likes pretty intelligent girls, it probably helps if they are rich but he's not picky, I am sure he'll like you.

Kayla: I guess your right, I just get cynical sometimes.

Brittany: It's no problem, I'll tame it out of you somehow.

Kayla: You're all giving and you take nothing, how do you do it?

Brittany: I'm not sure, being inspirational is a thing that comes easily to me, all I ask is a bit of determination from my friends if I need favours from them.

Kayla: That's understandable, I understand Brandon is still part of your plans, isn't he?

Brittany: Like I told you I have no plans to separate the 2 of you, I like him and I believe we can all be friends.

Kayla: What are you going to name your equestrian trio?

Brittany: I was going for the name Teen Horse Companions and together we'll be the THC's.

Kayla: I like it, it goes together like stirrup and bridle.

Brittany: Of course it does, I took weeks deciding over it and I'm glad the new girl likes it.

Kayla: How are we doing?

Brittany: The hair is nearly in and then I'll style it, French braids are so grade 7 but on a girl who has missed out on so much, she can have anything she wants if she puts her mind to it.

With the hair in place, Brittany printed some instructions on how to put hair into French braids then she returned to put Kayla's new hair into shape.

With Kayla's hair complete she looked in the mirror.

Kayla: This has worked better than I imagined, I know this hairstyle is too young for me but I say anything is worth going for, anyway Brittany what is next?

Brittany: After hair why make-up of course.

Kayla: Please don't go overboard, I've heard of people over doing it.

Brittany: You are naturally pretty, we hardly need to od a lot, a bit of eye shadow, some blusher, some lip gloss and I think your head is complete.

Brittany got out a white silk scarf and wrapped it round Kayla's neck.

Brittany: I like it, so dignified and I have 1 more surprise for you.

Kayla: What could it be?

Brittany: You know the dress in the school vault, I bought it for you even though it's quite a valuable fashion piece, you said that with your old hairstyle you'd still look like a boy wearing a dress but now it'll totally suit you.

Kayla: Thank-you, I'm so grateful and won't resort to going back to my old ways, I'll wear my new dress with passion.

With her new dress and matching sandals, Brittany was ready to show of Kayla to her life long friend Brandon but 1st Brittany decided  to show Kayla what she went there for,

Kayla: I'm ready for this.

Brittany brought over the full-length mirror.

Kayla: I'm adorable, why have I been holding out with my old image for years, you should have helped me long ago but now I'm ready for anything.

Brittany: Another successful makeover, Kayla get ready for big things, you can have anything you want, a boyfriend, a new watch, your own horse and the best choice of friends I can offer you, now let's show you off to Brandon.

Kayla came down the stairs and when Brandon saw her a big smile came on his face.

Brandon: You are beautiful, I don't know what you've been missing all these years.

Kayla: I'm proud of the new me and this weekend, Brittany's going to introduce me to the rest of her show jumpers and welcome me as the 3rd member of Teen Horse Companions.

Brandon: I think our friendship can only get stronger now, look what she did to your hair, it's so creative.

Kayla: She did wonders and I'll never forget what she did.

Brandon: And the dress is so elegant, Brittany must have made a fortune for it.

Kayla: It's from the school vault.

Brandon: It's still beautiful and sets off your eyes.

Kayla: Shall we go and show my parents?

Brandon: Yes but it'll take a lot for them to adapt to.

With that Kayla and Brandon were driven home and Kayla's parents were so proud of her.

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