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Hot Sauce labels are the new Gag Gift. There is a label for everyone and every occasion.
OK, we know what you're thinking... find one of the hottest hot sauces, give it as a gift, and watch them gasp at the heat as the tears fill their eyes. No, this is not low level humor, not even close. We are talking about gag gifts that have a more direct meaning to the "giftee" on a personal level. Giving a gift that ties into a specific remembrance in one's life will earn the laugh as well as be appreciated for its personal meaning.

There are obvious meanings behind some gifts that everyone is aware of such as the birthday milestones of 40 and 50. You're old, we know it, here are some funny gifts to make fun of how old you are, but in a nice friendly way. Not everyone enjoys these gifts, but they tolerate them with a gracious smile. So why not be more creative and give that special person something truly different.

Hot sauce has changed over the years to include new marketing areas with less focus on the heat level and more spotlight on flavor enhancers and humorous labels. Giving hot sauce with funny labels is a more creative way to give a gag gift. The hidden or sometimes personal messages on these labels are more imaginative as gag gifts and more fun to give.

There are the goofy funny names that use body humor, such as Sphincter Shrinker, Colon Cleaner, Queen of Farts (for her), Sir Fartalot (for him), Hemorrhoid Helper, and a sauce that goes one step further... Ass Blaster Hot Sauce that comes in its own cleverly crafted wooden outhouse.

There are labels that point to specific occupations. For lawyers you can choose, Lawyer's Breath, So Sue Me, Dave's Temporary Insanity and Psycho Sauce. Hunters and policemen might get excited about Mad Dog 357 Silver Collector's Edition that comes with a Bullet Key-chain attached to the neck of the bottle. For their next hunting trip make sure they pack a bottle of PETA Hot Sauce (People Eating Tasty Animals).

If you want to choose a gift for someone who relates to a specific animal experience, there is: Fire Ant Juice, Gator Hammock, Mad Cat, Mad Dog, Bee Sting, Sharkbite, Hog's Ass and more.

If the "giftee" is a fan of certain celebrities, you might be surprised to find a selection from Cheech and Chong with Cheech Gnarly Garlic or Cheech Mojo Mango. If they are a fan of the band Aerosmith they might enjoy lead guitarist Joe Perry's Boneyard Brew sauce. Let's not forget the King... Elvis has three hot sauces that include Don't Be Cruel, Burnin' Love and All Shook Up.

And finally the hot sauce labels that will get a second look every time: Slap Yo Mama, Pure Poison, Hot Buns at the Beach, Satan's Blood Extract, Irish Scream, Crazy Mother Pucker's, Jump Up & Kiss Me, Mean Devil Woman, Trailer Trash, You Can't Handle This Hot Sauce, Bite Me, Liquid Stoopid, and Holy Shit hot sauce.

Take the time to be creative as you decide the perfect gag gift, for a birthday, office occasion, or party; and remember what Forrest Gump never said, "Life is like a box of hot sauces, you never know what kind of label you will get."

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