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by Pope
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this is about a a a women who is slowly dying away after her husband passed away
dear family:

i feel that i can no longer last. the pain, the sorrow have been too much for me to bear. i have fought a good battle and now beleive that my clock is going to toll. But, do not feel sorry for me. feel happy that soon i will see my husband once again. i will see my family that i have missed for a very long time. If a person cries a single tear my spirit will be saddened, Because, i was not put on this earth, just to leave the people i leave behind saddened. I was put on the earth to make people feel good and happy. Not for them to feel grief for my soul finding peace. once i reach heaven i will walk through the pearly gates, and see who all have gone before me. i will her the sounds of music playing, but most of all i will hear the sound of the violin coming from the one which my husband played. the chords and the sweet melodys will reach my ears once more.. alas i hear them now, and they are calling my name.. i must go to them and leave you.. but think of my passing as a new beggining... I hear the violin playing, once again.
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