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part 7....


10 years old human years, 80 vampire years. Alphonse Alexander Black. Currently student at VA, along with many other vampires. He had "friends" he'd known since he was 1 and 2. But the most important person in his life was about to walk through his class room door...
"Class," Said Miss.Seiesta, who was a beautiful vampire teacher, with golden eyes and long, wavy brown hair, "Another vampire has been rounded up from the east, her name is Anna Katharine Linnalay,"
The young vampire had long black hair, pale skin, and kind golden eyes. She smiled, shyly, "Hello," And she glanced

over the class. She spotted Alphonse, and he blushed. She giggled, and took a seat behind him. Lulu, who happened to be in that class as well, scowled at her.
"So," Suu started to say to Anna, "The found you in the east, right? What were you doing there?"
"Yeah," Her twin added, "That's vampire hunter territory, you had to know that,"
She smiled, with sadness in her eyes, "Yes, I did. I was there..." She looked at her feet for a minute, then with a smile she looked back up, "To see my father one more time. You see, I wasn't born a vampire. I was turned when I was eight. Up till then I had been training hard to be a vampire hunter as good as my father. I was good too. My father was so proud. But when I came a vampire, I tried to keep it a secret and keep training at first, but it was to hard, so I ran away. When the human's attacked, the vampire hunters had to pay for the consequences, but now they've killed almost all the vampires aside from the VA. I was going to come here on my own, but I snuck in there to see him one last time."
Alphonse looked at her sympathetically. She smiled at him, "But please don't feel bad, I'm sure non of your lives are much better than mine, so pity isn't necessary." She giggled, "But It would be nice for all of us to be friends,"
The twins hugged her on opposite sides, rubbing against her, "Aw, she's just so cutie!" They said at the same time.
Kosuke shrugged, and Shun-Rye smiled at her, "Nice to meat you, Anna,"
Lulu snorted, and turned away from her. Anna came up to stand next to her, but Lulu just hissed. "I hope we can be

good friends, Miss.Lulu," And with a smile she came to Alphonse. They stared into each others eyes, and after a moment, Anna gave him a gentle smile, her cheeks a little red, "And you are?"
Sheepishly, he replied, "Alphonse,"
"Nice to meet you, Alphonse"
And that's were it all started.

"I won't do it," Anna repeated to the head master. He laughed, and she said, "Head master Yuuno,"
"Oh, I'm sorry, Anna. It's just so ridiculous what you're saying."
"It's not ridiculous, I will not kill innocent people,"
"Honey, this isn't twilight, the animal diet won't support you enough to survive,"
She raised an eye brow, "I won't do It, I didn't want this-"
"Not many of us did! But we got it, so live with it.
"But unlike many of the others, I was not born a vampire. I have experienced a human life. They don't know what they're missing, I do. They don't know regret, and fear, like a human. But I do."
"You honestly think we have any less emotions than humans? After what we go through, I can assure you we have many more." He paused, "Look, Anna, you have to feed, you're going to die soon. I've prepared a young man in your room for you. but try to be quiet, everyone els has already fed today."
"I will not-"

"Look, you don't even have to kill your prey. Just feed, then
use compulsion to make him forget, and send him back,"
She sighed, "Very well, head master,"
"Good girl," And he waved at her to leave.

In her room, a boy about 14 sat on her bed. He smiled a empty smile, "Hello, you must be Miss.Anna, I'm john. Come,"
She hesitated at the door, and he added, "It's what I'm here for,"
When she took a step, her hunger kicked in. Every bone in her body ached, and her throat was on fire. She hissed quietly, trying to resist, as she absentmindedly made her way towards him. And then It was over. She couldn't take it anymore. She jumped at him, thrashing her fangs in his neck on till he collapsed on her bed. She whipped her mouth, and guilt and realization exploded in her heart when she saw him. "No, no, no!" She grabbed his shoulders, shacking him, "John! No, John! You can't be! You can't be dead! I couldn't have!" Tears pored from her eyes, and she hugged the innocent poor fated boy, "I'm... ...so sorry."

"Oh, so you decided to kill like a normal vampire?" The head master smirked.
Her eyes were narrow, "It was an accident,"
"That's what you get for being stubborn, and waiting so long to feed,"
"I want to have a funeral for John,"

The head master laughed with a eye brow raised, "Who the hells John?"
"The human!"
"You asked him his name?" The head master raised an eye brow, and asked in disbelief.
"He told me without me asking,"
He looked confused for a second, then shrugged, "Do what you want,"
"Thank you,"
"Whatever," And he waved at her to go.

She sat on the hill, the breeze gently swaying her hair. Sitting by the sakura tree, where she made John's grave, she stared out at the setting sun. Alphonse sat next to her. Not looking at him, she said, "Hello,"
"Yo," He replied. She sighed, and he continued, "Look, you had to eat. You're a vampire, he was a human, it's just the way of life. Just like people eat animals."
"But all life should be equal! What right do I have to take someone else's life!?" She started to chock on her words, tears threatening.
"It's just the way things are. We can't change that. But, like the head master said, you don't even have to kill. Today was a mistake, everyone makes them." She said nothing, so he continued, "Anna, You are the kindest, selfless, smartest, awesomest person I have ever met. We all make mistakes, but that doesn't make us bad people. Just normal ones."
She blushed, and they both just sat there, blushing, and

starring out at the day fading into the night, silently, for a while.
"That you, Alphonse," She said with a smile, tears starting to drip from her face.
He smiled, wrapping his arms around her. "No problem,"
And in his arms she balled, tears flowing from her eyes, and moaning sounds from the pain in her heart. But being there, in his arms, made her feel just a little bit better.

"As you know class," Miss.Siesta said, "This week is free week. So you can visit some of the small human towns near by," The students started talking excitedly among themselves, and Miss.Siesta cleared her throat to quiet them, "BUT! There are rules you must hear first! All students must not be alone at any given time. Do not visit anywhere except the towns. We can't protect anyone who goes out side the towns. DO NOT go past the area we have set for you under ANY circumstances! If you all understand, than have a good week. You don't have to go to the towns, but there are no academics this week. Have fun."
And the class broke in talk, and moving around.
Anna walked up to Alphonse, blushing, and fidgeting with her fingers behind her back. "Hey, Alphonse, I was wondering if you wanted to go to the north town with me, I hear they're having a festival later tonight,"
He blushed, "O-oh, I would Love to, A-anna,"
She smiled kindly back.

"Ewwwww," Suu teased, "Alie's gotta girlfriend," She sang, "Alie's gotta girlfriend," Yuu sang too.
"She's not my girlfriend!" A red faced Alphonse yelled.
"Yeah!" Lulu agreed.
"Shut-up Lulu, we all know you're in love with him,"
She blushed, "You shut-up Suu!"
"Love is complicated," Shun-Rye added.
"Uh-huh," Suu and Yuu said in unison.
"You're all idiots," Kosuke mumbled. Lulu hit him, "What was that!?" She continued to hit him, and Jinn pulled at her arm, "Don't hurt Ko-Kun!"
They all stopped when they heard Anna laughing. They all looked at her, confused. "Oh, forgive me, But the way you guys argue is so funny. Like a family,"
They looked at each other for a moment, then they all started laughing too. "Let's all go together," Anna suggested. Suu and Yuu hugged her, "Yes!Yes!" They both yelled. Kosuke just shrugged, and Lulu just said, "Ok, fine,"

The town was small, but to the vampires, It was amazing and new. Dirt roads and hundreds of stands lined The streets. Kids ran around, chasing each other, and laughing. People shuffled along, couples, groups, friends, sellers. A preacher stood with a bible on a couple of bricks, other bibles scattered under him. They went to many stands, buying apples, and pocky, Ramune, little good fortune trinkets, and chinese antiques. They visited a ramen shop, and had teriyaki to. They laughed, and argued, and shopped. And every once and a

while, alphonse and Anna would sneak a glance at each other.
"Hey," Anna said, pointing to a small shop, "Let's go in
there!" and they all went to the little chinese store. Inside, red and gold things were scattered everywhere. buddhas, chinese worriers, brightly colored kimonos, Hakamas, keikogi, swords, mirrors, fans, and trinkets. "Let's all get Kimonos, and ware them around town together!" Suu and Yuu said together.
Anna smiled, "Sounds good to me,"
Lulu wore a short pink Kimono, with slits up the sides, and a low cut neck line, lined with green and purple. She modeled around, hoping to catch Alphonse's eye. But he blushed when he saw Anna, who wore a long, sky blue Kimono with purple flowers, and a purple sash and bow, and her hair wrapped in two buns with chop sticks. Anna smiled at him, blushing. Lulu scowled, growling, and mumbling things about hating Anna.
Yuu and Suu wore matching green and blue ones. and kosuke and Alphonse wore Black Hakama and keikogi. Shun-Rye wore a long, thin, red Kimono, with black flowers, and a black sash and bow.
They went up to the desk, were an old chinese women stood, "Ma'am, we'd like to ware these out, so-"
But before Anna could finish, the old lady spoke, "Take them! Just take them demons!"
Their eyes widened, "Excuse me-"
"Yee can't hide it from me, yee are all demons! Be gone! And take the no cursed cloths with yee! I since death... especially on that one!" she yelled, pointing to Alphonse. "No

be gone!"
Anna set the money on the near by chair, and they all left. "So she new we are vampires?"
"No, she could just sense evil spirits or something, that's why she said demons and not vampires. What a load of bull shit."
"She said, she sensed death around Alphonse," Suu quivered.
Lulu rolled her eyes, "Oh, please, he was born dead. All of us, but Anna, were,"
"If that's true, why did she single out him?" Yuu questioned.
"Oh, come on. She was just a crazy old chinese lady. Let's just..." She sighed, "Go home."

"Where is he!?" Anna shouted.
The head master raised an eye brow, and laughed, "I have no idea what you are talking about..."
Her eyes narrowed, "Alphonse! He's gone, and I know you had something to do with it!"
"Now, why would I do such a thing?"
She slid in closer, "You hate him, I know you want him dead,"
He grinned, quickly rapping his arm around her, and pulling her to his chest. He smirked, as she tried to pull away, "Just forget about that dwarf, who cares about him, you could have me,"

Her eyes were fired with rage, as she slapped him, and quickly slid towards the door. "I'd sooner die!"
Touching his cheek, with an almost angry smirk, he said, "Fine, why don't you go find him, and you two can be shot like dogs together,"
"Why would you shoot him!? You can't do that-"
"Oh, but I can. Putting aside the fact that I can do what ever I want, he's a black blood."
"You're a lier, I don't believe you!"
He laughed, "I am many things, dear, but a lier isn't one of them,"
"Even if it was true, black bloods are royalty! You couldn't kill one if you wanted to!"
"True, but a half black blood would be considered better dead by both species."
"Half black blood-?"
"That's right, as you know mating between the two species, black bloods and normal vampires, is forbidden and a crime. Because of their very different social standings, if a child was made by them it would be considered an illegal child, or a criminal from birth."
"You're so full of shit! Alphonse isn't a black blood, or a half black blood, or anything! And even if he was, I would never let you lay a finger on him!" She sighed, and added before leaving, "One thing you'll soon learn, head master, is with power comes envy, and with envy comes hate, and with hate... comes death." And with that she slipped out of the room, leaving him to his thoughts.
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