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The poem is bout choices made in life, with retorical questions. Pls review. Thanks! Lee
Am I insane or stark crazy?
Am I sick or stuck of all?
Am I loser or losing sucks?
Will I be killed or rather to suicide myself?

Am I the freak one or the frustated one?
Am I precious or just priceless to have?
Am I really the murder or just the brain of the killer?
Am I the eye of the storm or just the wind blow next to you?

Am I your bitch or your slut machines?
Am I losing my mind or losing my head?
Am I retarded or am I just overjoy?
Am I deserve to die young or live long?

Am I starting to disturb you or look for your eyes?
Am I truly the angel or the Hades queen?
Am I the cold one or the hot one?
Am I that rebel or just the real defiant?

Am I really blind or I just cant see myself?
Am I the evil one or the demonic one?
Am I too obvious or too honest for world?
Am I that dangerous or too hurt people?

Am I a loaded gun or hands on the trigger?
Am I an agnostic or an atheist one?
Am I the rockstar or the mad scientist?
Am I a believer or the polytheist?

(Humm, I little bit- alot maybe- crazy :P)
Whatever, idk,
Enjoy your tour

See ya soon!

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