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by Ladi D
Rated: E · Novel · Drama · #1720058
Janissa loves Brian but hes engaged!
Janissa sat at the dining room table having a scotch drink with tears coming from her hazel eyes.  Brian was still upset with her after she told him about her affair with an ex just a couple of days prior to their 6 month anniversary. He told her that he wanted her out of his condo before he colud make it home before dawn the next morning. Janissa bawled at the news and pleaded and begged Brian to forgive her for being so neglectful. After pleading and begging him with no leniage from him Janissa had finally decided to follow orders and get the hell out of dodge.  She had realised that she only had enough to stay a few days at a cheap motel, but after that she would be flat broke. She had no family to help her and no friends she could go and live with for a while after everything died down. After her second shot of scotch Janissa put her bags in the trunk, left Brian's keys on the kitchen counter like he requested and left the premises that was no longer her home.

Before she could pull out of the garage her cell phone ranged, by the tone she could tell that it was Brian.
"Hello" she said in a distraught voice.
"Where are u with your cheating ass!" he spat vehemently.
Janissa angrily put the car in reverse and sped out of the garage. "Im leaving your house now Brian. Are you happy now? Im leaving like you told me to do okay?" she spat angrily.
"OH, did you get everything out?" he asked calmly.
"Yes i did, now can I go? I have to make arrangements to find a place to stay. Goodbye." Janiisa hung up.

Thats all he cared about? whether she had gotten all her things out of his house? He didn't even care that she didn't even have anywhere to go. He didnt even care that she had loved him still and thought that they should work things out. No. The only thing he gave a damn about was that damn job and spending all his time with his precious fiancee. She had known that he had a girlfriend but when did she turn into a fiancee. He ddnt see her tripping about that. He didnt see her having bitch fits about him getting married in 4 months. How in the hell could he be upset with her when he was the one who was about to walk down the aisle with another woman?

Janissa had felt bad about cheating on Brian. She had loved hin with all her heart and her soul even thought their relationship was only six months old. She didnt want him to end things with her. Plus he had allowed her to stay in his second apartment while he stayed at home with that woman. She had was overwhelmed by the fact that even after he told her he loved her he said that he still was going to marry someone else. In her mind he had confirmed that she would never be good enough for him to be his first choice. He made her feel like her needs didnt matter. He made her feel like she didnt have needes, dreams, and feelings too.
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