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What happens after fame
Finnish boys and fake smiles
Around the world, a million miles
Putting my hand on the berlin wall
Around the world, i'll see it all
Broken mirrors, coffee stains
Another hit to mask the pain
Bobby pin curls and big sunglasses
Pale skin and fake eyelashes
Lots of countries, one bestfriend
Is there never any end
New York fashion, London Chic
Chewed up nails and bloody cheeks
Russia though, it's the best
Once you're there you'll never rest
Nightclubs in Novasibirsk
Russian roulette, we'll call a hurst
Photography and photographs
Culture shock and mocking laughs
LA parties, Cali beaches
Shoot some smack and you'll be speechless
Turn my life into literature
Writing is my only cure
Another novel, could've never dreamed
Who knew words could get me so far
Pristine dances and a foreign car
Gold eyeshadow, ballet flats
Metal bars and inked up tats
Paint your face on
Then be gone
Champagne, red wine
In between snort a line
Black dress, platinum hair
Oceans eyes, blank stare
Skinny jeans, jade eyes
She tells the truth
They hate their lives
Everyday its all the same
Every since I changed my name
Until I go somewhere new
Then i'll change my attitude
Take a train to Ireland
Then I will be home again
Ive got a flask for the train there
And some xanax for us to share
I see the beauty and wonder where ive been
Irish accents, Irish men
Let's get drunk and forget our names
Stay conscious, i'll do the same
The life I lead there is no escaping it
I stray further bit by bit
Autumn ashes, a summer fling
An Amethyst engagment ring
Winter chill and spring desire
Lustful sex and getting higher
Another romance in every town
Boys waiting all around
Canadian bacon, trendy facelifts
Jet lag and time shifts
Airport food, a smoking room
Acid trips and cow shit shrooms
Vegas streets
The luxor hotel
After Vegas you'll go to hell
Crowded streets, unfamiliar faces
I have been so many places
Prozac and depression meds
Trashed hotel rooms and unmade beds
Fame can cause a tragic fall
It can cost you to lose it all
You sever ties unable to mend
With that note this is the end
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