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A girl falls in love with her gay bestfriend. Four character point of views.
Rayne walked into the house to see her step dad, which would be number three, passed out in front of the TV on the couch. She didn't even bother asking Ivan, the step loser's name, where her mom was. She already knew. She whispers to herself that nothing has changed in this old, dingy, Las Vegas apartment in five damn years. They never will. She bites down on the cold metal severed through her lip and walks through the hall to her room.

She lays in her bed as memories form like a kaleidoscope in her brain. She closes her hazil eyes hoping to blink it all away, but once again it doesn't. Her mom can never stay with the same guy more than a year, not that any of them are even worth the time of day. They are all greasy trucker men her mom picked up somewhere when she went off to run away. After the third time her mom never really came back. Physically she was there, but mentally, a piece of her had never returned.

Her dad died long ago, he couldn't take that filthy woman anymore. Rayne loved him but she always thought she just wasn't enough or he wouldn't have offed himself like that. He didn't care or he wouldn't have left her to rot with this sack of shit mother of hers. She'd rather buy an eight ball than watch a movie with Rayne.

Step dad number one came and went. And took a piece of her soul along the way. Each one of them took another piece of her. Step dad number two always came to "tuck her in at night". She still faces the consequences of the awful things he did to her. The smell of cigarettes and Jack on his breath as he whispered " Let me show you how pretty you are, Rayne." The way the dirt rubbed off his body and onto hers. She still shivers at night thinking about it,
he only thing that pulls her out of that abyss of memories is Skyler. All she has to do is think about his diamond eyes and ebony hair. His voice brings her to complete euphoria. To bad she can't have him, is what she constantly thinks.
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