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Second chapter.. Skylar's Point of View.
Skyler lays on his king sized mattress wondering how long this facade will go on. He is tired of living behind a smile trying to meet his mother's high expectations. Of all the shitty homes in Las Vegas why does he have to live in the picture perfect house? The house where he has to hide. It feels as if the only one who knows the real him is Rayne, his bestfriend.

His mother was an honor student. She has her masters in teaching and goes overboard on wanting her highschool students to call her "Doctor", because she could be a professor if she wants. She's hungry for attention. She doesn't care what she puts her family through as long as others see her as the ideal woman and great mom. She teaches a Sunday School class at the baptist church every Sunday. Little does she know when she's teaching other kids about God, Skyler is laying high in his room questioning whether God really exists. He used to go to church but then life got in the way and he found excuses not to go to church. Later, he was finding it harder to find excuses to go.

Skyler's father is the man that you see walking down the street and think "He looks like a man a son should look up to." Little do those people know how exactly wrong they are. The biggest problems in their lives were cause by this pathetic excuse of a man. If only they seen the bruises and blood stains he left on Skyler and his little brother. If only their mom would wake up and see that he will never change. Just because he's the picture perfect man, with a picture perfect job doesn't make a difference.

Skyler's parents don't know anything about him. If they did they would notice the glazed over look always fixed in his eyes. The only way to endure the pain is to make himself completely numb. Doing as many drugs as he can, always anticipating the next fix. If they knew him they would have notcied years ago that he doesn't bring any girls, other than Rayne, around. They would have noticed he always gets attached to his guy bestfriends.

What would his sunday school teaching mom think about having a gay son? What would his business father want to do with a druggy? Would his brother still look up to him? I guess these are questions he will never clearly know the answers to. Or does he already?
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