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Third chapter.. Xander's Point of view.
Xander is tired of moving around. He is always known as the weird kid no matter where he goes. Whether its Europe or California. He's always falling into lust. He has no time for love, because before long he will have a new zip code. He tries to hide his feelings with sarcasm and smartass remarks, but deep down the sweet sensitive guy is trapped.

It is hard for Xander to form bonds when he is constantly relocated. His dad being in the army hasn't been easy for any of them. His mom has a new affair everywhere they go, no matter what continent it may be. He guesses she just gets lonely, but thats just another thing tearing at the fiber of his family.

Xander is hungry for love, although he questions whether it is even real or not. He wants to fill this void of emptiness that is eating him alive. Hushed whispers in the dark, sweat mingling together, the feel of a different guys mouth penetrating him everynight numbs the pain, but never chases it away.

He tries to play his feelings out in songs, but there isn't anybody to listen to them. He wants to play with other guys who have the same passion, but who wants a wandering soul? Nobody.
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