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Based on a song by the Doors called The End. 2529 words
Driving down the highway, the radio blaring, another stupid love song. It doesn’t suit my mood but I cannot be bothered changing it. I wish you were here but you had to leave me. Why did you have to ruin things like that? You shared all of my dreams but that was never enough for you. Thinking back to the early days I can still remember when we first met.

You were only 11 years old and I was 12. I walked into the classroom for the first time and saw you sitting there. You looked so sweet in a pink dress with knee-high socks and patent leather shoes. They were so shiny you could see your reflection. It didn’t take me long to realize you were anything but the angel you appeared to be. You followed me everywhere from that day forward.

As we grew up we explored the town and each other. No matter who tried, no one could come between us. We talked, danced, climbed trees and made plans for the future. I don’t remember when the idea first came up or who suggested it. We talked about it like it was a joke. At some point it became serious.

We decided to start with your family. The first was the hardest. You sister unwittingly chose to go first. She should have stayed in bed instead of coming down to spy on what we were doing. Having my hands around here throat while you held onto her hands was so exciting. When I finished with her I was so turned on that I could have taken you right there on the floor next to her still warm body. Problem was, we both knew it was only a matter of time before someone else came downstairs.

You lured your father out of your parent’s room by telling him there was a noise downstairs. I hid behind the door into the living room. As he spotted your sister’s body, I came up behind him and beat his head in with a lamp. Then it was onto your mother. You helped me tie her to the bed then you told me we had to make her time more interesting. I thought it would be a good idea to get rid of your brother first, otherwise he would interrupt us and I didn’t want that. Into his bedroom we went. Do you remember how he didn’t even wake up until we had the pillow over his face and were smothering him? It seemed to take forever, watching all of the fight go out of his body.

Moving back to your parent’s room, I was a little surprised to find your mother had not moved since we had left the room. I could not believe the knots had held so well. The moment we had been waiting for arrived but I was a little unsure. I knew what you wanted me to do but it was your mother. Sensing that I was not quite up to it, you came over to me. The next few minutes you proceeded to get me really turned on. You seemed to know just the right moment and turned me loose on her. As I was finishing you handed me a pillow. Smothering her while I was still nestled inside was the biggest turn-on of my life. I knew I was up for anything after that.

We knew it was time to leave. First, we had a couple of things to do. I sent you to pack some clothes and things. Meanwhile, I was looking for something special. As we walked out the door, I flicked a match. Driving off there was a big explosion. It was the easiest way to clean up behind us. Next, we had to plan what to do at my house. After discussing it for awhile, we decided to sneak in and steal one of my dad’s guns. We also needed some bubble wrap. I left it to you to find the bubble wrap in the study while I went into the garage to get the gun. We met up out the back of the house and cut up the bubble wrap into manageable pieces. I then wrapped a piece of the bubble wrap around the gun barrel to make a silencer. Going upstairs, I knew I had to be quick and get my parents out of the way first because they were the strongest. Tip-toeing into their bedroom, I held the gun to my dad’s head and pulled the trigger. It was amazing the amount of blood that poured out of him with the pop of the gun. I had to move quickly though, before my mother woke up. It meant I could not dwell on things then. Turned out my mother had taken some sleeping pills so I had no trouble from her as I replaced the bubble wrap around the gun barrel. Shooting her right between the eyes was so sweet. I never thought anything would shut that woman up. We stayed for a few minutes, changing the bubble wrap.

Moving through the house, we headed into my brother’s room. Shooting him was one of the most exhilarating moments of the night. Geez I hated him, he thought he was so damn good, but we proved him wrong, didn’t we.

I knew we should go into my baby sister’s room next. Neither one of us could face that though because she was only a year old. My parents thought they would never have another child and then suddenly my mother was pregnant. They were supposed to be getting ready to send us boys to college and instead they were starting from scratch. We ended up agreeing to dump her out the front of the nearest safe place we could find that did not have security cameras. Then it was time to pack my stuff before throwing a match on the house and driving off.

We found the door to the fire station open so we put my baby sister inside and drove off. Leaving town in the middle of the night, we decided to head south. Not that it was a conscious decision. It just seemed right at the time. Somewhere down that lonely road, we realized we had to ditch the car. It seemed like lady luck was smiling on us when we spotted a couple changing a tyre on the side of the road. Pulling over, I offered to help while you went to talk to the woman. When he turned to put the new tyre on, I swung the tyre iron with all my might and bashed it into his head. The next few minutes seemed a blur as I chased the guy’s girlfriend down the road. When I caught her, she begged and pleaded for me to let her go. She promised not to tell anyone about us but that just made what was to come, so much sweeter.

Putting my hands around her throat, I just kept squeezing. It felt so good, watching the life drain out of her. I wish we could have made that moment last forever. Unfortunately it was over much too soon. We put both of them into our car and transferred our stuff to theirs. Then you were so brainy, you thought to put a long scarf into the petrol tank and set it alight. Flooring the car we got a short way down the road and the petrol tank exploded. It was so massive that it set us vibrating. It was a little hard for me to keep the car under control. It didn’t help that I was a little blinded by the flash in the rear-view mirror.

We drove for hour after that, only stopping to fill the fuel-tank and to take care of the necessities. It was getting dark again when we realised that we would have to sleep. I found us a dingy room in a run-down roadside motel. Crawling into the bed we slept for hours with you in my arms. When we woke up we knew we had to talk but the words would not come out. I think it was at that point that the enormity of what we had done struck us. I was in shock. I could not believe that I had actually killed so many people. You seemed oddly gleeful. You pushed me down on the bed. I think you were highly aroused by what had happened. It took me a little longer but soon I was with you completely. How many times did you relive what we had done? It felt like that was all I could see when I closed my eyes. And you seemed to want to continue doing it. I knew we would have to be careful otherwise we would be caught. So I came up with a plan. You would approach girls, claiming that you needed them to help you with something. Then when we had them alone, I would tie them up and we would have some fun. We never stayed in one place too long because that would arouse suspicion. And we tried not to have more than one girl at a time. After about the tenth one though, I was starting to get sick of it.

I couldn’t make you see sense though. I had tried to find a way of getting you to stop but you wouldn’t listen to me. I don’t know when I realised it but a decision had to be made. The only way to get out of this was for us to stop or for you to die. I didn’t want to think of that so I tried to get you to stop. I knew if we were caught you would end up blaming me. I didn’t want to fry for something that you were doing. So I would have to kill you. I thought about what would be the best way. While you were out one day, checking on the girls in a town we had just arrived in. I went looking for a doctor. After some very good acting on my part, I managed to talk him into giving me some sleeping pills. Putting one in your drink that night, I waited for you to fall asleep. Smothering you with a pillow was the hardest thing I ever did. You didn’t even struggle. I wish there had been some other way. After I was sure you were dead, I dressed your body to look like someone had beaten you to death. Then I made it look like there had been a huge struggle in the room.

Walking out that door and getting to the car was done on sheer willpower. I knew I was driving away for the last time. I headed north, towards our home town. I just wanted to be back near our families. I don’t know if it was conscious at that time but I knew what I would have to end up doing. I cruised through towns. Spotting the usual sort of girls we had been picking up. Then I saw one that looked just like you. I had to have you back. So I picked her up. It wasn’t even hard. She wanted to get out of town and I seemed nice enough. I still laugh when I think of all the times I have picked you up, only to find the girl I am looking at is not you in the end. When their breath is leaving them I realise it is not you that I am smothering. Why did you have to do this to me?

I can’t even remember how many times it has been. Why did you leave? I don’t want to let you go but you always do. I want us to be together. So I have been looking for you again. I think that is you up ahead. I stop the car and you get in. Nothing you say makes sense. Yes I am giving you a ride. I always will. There is a motel ahead. Why don’t we stop and have a rest. Then we will work out where we are going to go next. You struggle a little as we get into the room. There is only one bed. Why do you want your own? It doesn’t make sense. I have to stop you leaving so I offer you a drink. You drink it down really quickly. Then you insist you have to go. Don’t leave me. I couldn’t bear it if you leave me. As we are struggling you lose control of yourself and I have a much easier time of getting you onto the bed. I lay with you skin to skin. Then I do all the things I know turn you on but you do not respond. Fine, if that’s the way you want it. I take the pillow and put it over your head. Watching as the life leaves your body. When I take the pillow away I suddenly find a different face. It’s not you. Where are you? You have left me again.

I drive away from there trying to work out where you could have gone. I drive along the highway. Not seeing anything outside, just replaying what we have done and where we have been. I can picture your smile. Wait, there you are again. I don’t usually find you again so quickly. I pull over and you get in the car. Something seems a little different about you though. Driving along, you keep talking to me. I don’t want to hear you say stupid things. You know who I am. The way you say it though is odd. Why do you sound like that? Suddenly you have a gun. Where did you get it from? You are telling me to pull over. When I do, you try to put handcuffs on me. Why are you doing this? When I look back, I see its not you. This woman is a stranger. I can’t understand her. She pulls out a phone and speaks to someone. The flashing lights coming up the road make me understand. You set me up. It was all a trap. I drive away. As I do she fires the gun. I feel a burning pain in my chest.

Driving down the road I start seeing you beside me. You’re telling me that it will all be over soon. Keeping the foot pressed on the pedal I start to get drowsy. The flashing lights are making my head hurt. I keep looking over at you. You have smile on your face. It’s getting harder to see the road. The car feels different now. The road seems rougher. My chest is starting to burn with pain. Why are you smiling like that? You reach over and change the radio station. I concentrate on the words of the song. This is the end, my friend. Beautiful friend, the end. They are the last words I hear as the car goes crashing over the cliff. The lights flashing around me. The end.......

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