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by Bard
Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Action/Adventure · #1721028
A fight once fought told in bardic form, remembering over ale in a tavern warm...
Into the darkness we must go.
In through the deep discouraging snow.
Toward the fires burning bright.
Toward hoards ready to fight.

Now we're ready to make our stand
With this motley questionable band.
Our armor is poor, our weapons don't match
But we'll do our best to do more than a scratch

For when we face these demon scum,
We'll stand tall and not succumb
To all their vile evil ways
And rid ourselves of their plagues.

Our resolve will never waver;
Our determination has not been greater.
We are ready, we are willing;
Hopefully we will do the killing.

In this dark decrepit hole,
We have travel'd to the unknown.
Praying steadily that we won't break
And leave hell-spawn bodies in our wake.

This is our most glorious hour.
The gods have given us the power
To rid our village once and for all.
So we have come here to this hall.

They smile gladly, thousands greet us
Our numbers small, our odds grow worse.
But we shout our ready and stand tall
For I will not see us fall.

They roar their start
But we have more heart.
They meet against our shields
But our ground we will not yield.

Long and hard the battle 's fought,
It's not exactly what we sought.
But in the end the thousands died.
Three are left, but all had tried.

So we travel unto home
On our backs we carry the bones
Of our fellows now passed forth
But forever tales will be told of their worth.

So raise your glass and give a toast
For those that have given their most.
To those that watch us from the sky
We remember and thank you for our lives.
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