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A short essay about my cat
Deep in the heart of a thick forest a creature with a soot black pelt and huge green eyes moves through her territory swiftly and unnoticed.  The fresh forest air is cool and invigorating, and now and then a chilly breeze rushes through the forest.  The frigid weather, however, does not bother her too much because her thick coat keeps her warm and comfortable while she treks through the forest.  Soon the mighty hunter grows discouraged.  She thinks about stopping to take a rest, but her growling stomach urges her forward.  Each step becomes increasingly painful as the frosty ground begins to sting her white paws.  Suddenly her right ear flicks and she stops in her path.  Did she just hear something?

The hunter immediately drops into a crouch and scrutinizes her surroundings.  Where did that sound come from?  She focuses her gaze on a group of Hawthorne bushes that are clustered together straight in front of her.  Tiny red berries hang, like beads in frozen clusters, along with a multitude of spiky, dark-green leaves from the short, delicate branches.  The hungry creature opens her mouth slightly and allows all of the different scents to flood into it.  Suddenly the delightful scent of mouse hits the roof of her mouth.  She licks her chops and pulls back her short, triangular ears.  She is not going to let her meal get away from her. 

Crouched and ready to move, she allows the tip of her fluffy tail to flick back and forth while her eyes scan the bushes for any movements.  Her keen eye sight catches the movement of a tiny mouse, with beady, black eyes and a long hairless tail.  It noisily shuffles through the leaves as it searches for food.  Finally the untamed beast makes her move.  She darts forward a few steps as silently and lightly as possible.  She is aware that the mouse is extremely sensitive to the vibrations in the ground, so she must be careful to avoid taking normal steps, or she could risk losing her lunch.  The hunter continues to glide forward on light paws until she is within the pouncing range.  Eyes still fixed on the target; she wiggles her haunches, readying herself for the pounce.  Just then she bunches her hindquarters, leaps, and flies silently through the air and onto her prey.  She then sinks her claws into the little, brown body of the mouse to prevent its escape.  A quick bite to the neck snaps the mouse’s back bone, thus ending the struggle.

Happily, the victor grasps her trophy by the scruff, and hauls it off through the forest to a safe and secluded area where she is sure that she can eat it in peace.  After she finishes her meal she begins to wash herself with rhythmic strokes.  Even after she finishes bathing the enticing scent of mouse lingers on her soft pelt.  Finally her eye lids begin to flicker lazily and she dozes off for a second.  In an instant her ears stand straight in alertness.  Someone is calling her name.  She excitedly dashes through the forest, madly dodging trees until she finds herself purring uncontrollably, nestled in her owners loving arms.

My cat, Tina, is very important to me because I feel an extraordinarily strong bond with her.  She has had a very traumatic life, from her first bath to her few days in the pound.  Each time I have been there for her, loving her and making sure that she stays energetic, happy and purring.  She also has helped me through one of the most heartbreaking times of my life, the move.  We helped each other.  I love my cat, Tina.

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