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This is an album review of, "The Final Cut," by Pink Floyd.
    "The Final Cut," is the last album recorded by all four members of the psychedelic
rock group, "Pink Floyd." Most fans would agree that it's the least known album by the band. It's an album containing mostly b-sides from the legendary, "The Wall," album. It was slated to be called, "Spare Bricks," due to the fact that most of the tracks were recorded for "The Wall," but never used. Many people believe the recording of the album was one of the catalysts of the band breaking up. It marked one of the first signs that principle song writer, Roger Waters, was beginning to demand complete control of the creative process of the band. Many consider the album as a Waters solo album due to the fact that guitarist David Gilmour only lends his vocal work on one track. Also, it was the only album recorded by the band that Waters was credited as the writer and composer of every track.
    The album's theme deals with the feelings Waters had about the death of his father and the absurdity of War. His father died in the Faulklands War defending the Anzio Bridgehead, which is the theme of the song, "When the Tigers Broke Free." The album as a whole has a very somber theme. Unlike The Wall, which had some upbeat and even lighthearted songs, The Final cut is very melancholy and reflective. Songs like "The Gunner's Dream," and "The Final Cut," really tug at the heartstrings. "The Post War Dream," which is the first track on the album, describes a husband and wife wrestling with the guilt they feel for allowing their child to go off to war. The title track on the album is heartbreaking story of a veteran trying to get up the courage to commit suicide. The song concludes with the lyric, "Just then the phone rings/I never had the nerve to make the final cut." That line is probably the most positive moment on the whole album.
    While The Final cut will never be mentioned in the same breath as The Wall, I believe it to be the most emotionally charged album recorded by the band. Shortly after its release, Waters officially left the band and went on to pursue his solo career. Although the remaining members carried on without him, no album since the breakup has been quiet as acclaimed as the albums recorded with all four members. Ironically The Final Cut was much more than just an album title. It was a foreshadowing of the the inevitable breakup of, in my opinion, the greatest band of all time.
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