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So called "help the homeless" evil reveiled
Subject: star of hope

I couldn't sleep at the sally so I went to another place I had heard of . It was closer just a few blocks from fishes and loaves. We queue up in an area that would remind you of a corral at 3:30. Then they see how many beds are available and take you in according to what is available. You check in your baggage,mostly backpacks. The homeless have to carry around anything of value they don't want stolen. After that we were gave a number for our bed. It was single beds instead of bunk beds like the sally. I went and took a shower, returned to my bed to leave some things on my bed. We went into a big room and there was a tv hanging from the ceiling. we watched something til 5:30 I think. then we queued up to eat in the dinning room. We had rice and beans. I don't really don't like rice and beans, being from another part of the country.I ate it anyway because I was hungry. After that we went into the worship room and stayed there til 7:00pm. No choice was giving.I'm a bible reader and believer in Christ so I didn't mind. What if I wasn't. should it be forced on you. I heard that they did kick out a person because they were Muslim. and another because they were gay. I didn't personally see that but given there demeanor would believe it. They too, like the sally didn't display any characteristics of being Christ like. after we settled down in the bedroom, I took my resume and went to talk to the person who seemed to be running things to see about help getting work.His name was nate. after I talked to him and told him I may have work tomorrow but have to be at wheeler station at 5am to see. He told me I would have to hang around til 7:30 to get a bed ticket. I said what about me working and he started talking about when I get into the program I could work. I told him I didn't need a program just a job. He said if he didn't put people in programs then he wouldn't have a job. I didn't believe him and got up at 4:00am and went to see about work. The girl there said because I had laminated my SS card she couldn't except it and put me to work. It was about 3 miles walking there. So I left and went looking to see if I could come up with some job leads. I was refused a bed that evening. I talked to nate and he said that was the rules. I said but I was trying to find a job. He just shook his head and walked off.
I went back to sleeping on the street on cardboard across from Loaves and fishes. I made the mistake of sleeping just down the street and was jumped on , beaten and and robbed. They stole my billfold, gave me a black eye and broke my eye glasses. It took a month to replace the ID and glasses. That night I had almost 20 job leads to check on. then with no ID I couldn't work.
You have to sleep in groups to be safe. That is when I built my cardboard hut in the woods. I haven't had a problem since. I'm hid and safe.

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