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what I found diff in houston
Subject: first time in houston

I left the coalfields of Va. in 1984 . There wasn't any work there as the mines had shutdown. I left with a friend who had a car and helped him escape also. I split the gas and driving. I landed in Houston at the salvation army on main. I worked across the street at a temp place called Tony's Helpers. After a couple weeks I rented a room in a two story house from a nice older couple. I went to church with them and met my first wife there. Soon I had saved enough to buy a car. I guess that is why I am angry and frustrated. I can't seem to get back on my feet here now. Part of the problem is the economy but even the small chances I have had to get a job, I wasn't able to pursue because of the lack of help.The city is cleaner and prettier now but the agency's that are supposed to help you are helping themselves. What started out as something good has turned in to a monster as you will read in my book.
I was born on an Air force base in puerto rico. I lived between the ranch country of east Tenn and the coalmine country of southwest Va. I joined the army in 74 from the 10th grade and got my GED. After I got out I took training on my GI bill as a welder. Then I went back and took electrical and machine repair. As I started working early in life on a big 10,000 acre ranch near Bristol. I was helping bale hay and driving a small ford tractor when I was in the 4th grade. I always put my hand doing something. I have a lot of skills and am a good worker. That type of work ethic has always made me rise to the top. Even as a homeless person I am better off than the other homeless. I sleep in my under ware and Can fix a cup of coffee in the morning when I get up. Also that makes me stand up and fight for my rights and don't let me be used or mistreated. I can see why the homeless give up . I have a few times but you know the old saying "you can't keep a good man down. I'm going to get out of this situation some how and make it know what is going on so the people following me in to homelessness don't suffer like I did.

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