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A boy move into a hunted house he ends up finding a secret about the OLD house. read it.



                                                                            by:C.S McLeod

                                                                      Chapter 1

                                                                    The move in

    I had just moved into my new house. It was big. It was dark. It was empty. Okay lets face it its a big, dark, empty and a creepy house.

    There was a really cold breeze when I first walked into the house. Oh ya I almost forgot my name is Tyler. Booooooom, did you here that noise. I'm going to see what it was.

    Oh it was just a box. But what was in it? Its an old photo. with a white spot. uh oh. This is a haunted house. Great we moved into a haunted house.

    Well thats just dandy. My parents wont believe me if I told them. “Tyler”.well thats my mom be right back. Its probably just dinner. Ugh I forgot its broccoli, spinach, and mystery meatloaf! Man!

    I'm back. Dinner was what I said. Ugh I can still

taste  the mystery in the meatloaf. Now I have to figure out the mystery of my............. HAUNTED HOUSE. I'm going to look up in the attic.

    I cant get the door open. I think somethings holding it shut. Uh! There its open. Wait I see something. Oh its another box. Theres another picture. Its a tree in our front yard. A man is standing next to it. It must be the ghost.

    The man in the picture has an evil eye. It has to be the ghost. I looked out the window at our tree. Something was carved into it. I wounder what it says.

    I'm going to see what it says. The door wont open. I'm stuck. I yelled for HELP! But no one heard me. The door knob got really hot. I just remembered  that I could get out the attic window. The window was nailed shut so, I took an old bat

and smashed the window to get out.

    5 hours later. Okay, I looked at the tree and it said GET OUT. Then I remembered that trees grow. So, I got a latter out of the garage. I crawled up the tree and it said GET OUT. I went up higher and it said GET OUT over and over again.

    So I  realized the ghost has been trying to get lots of people out. Gulp, and now its trying to get me out.

                                                                          Chapter 2

                                                                          The plane

    Now I'm going to try to get my mom and dad to move again. So I..... Broke some floor boards, got the ceiling socked, loosened the hatches on all the doors, and broke the air conditioner.

    If that doesn't get them out I don't know what will. 30 min. later. There car is in the drive way when my dad opened the door it fell, when they walked in the floor board collapsed. When my mom walked in she felt a drop of water on her head from the ceiling. Oh, and then they started sweating like a pig cause of the air conditioner not working.

    The next day. It didn't work all they did was called Jana who sold us the house and she came and fixed it all. so, I guess we have to stay. I have to go to school, first day tomorrow . I'm so exited, NOT. Its my last day of summer so, I'm going to make it last by.........um........... I don't know. I want to move but I cant. 28 hours later. The first day is always the worst it was horrible everybody knew each other but me.

    Oh well I still have.......... Booooom! Ahhhh! What was that all of the sudden the house started to shake. Books started flying out at me. One of them hit me in the face. I blacked out.

    I had just woken up. I was in this weird room. I heard foot steps they were getting closer. So I ran,..... into a wall and went right through it. I was in my room. It was weird.


    It had something to do with the ghost. He must have a secret room. I wounder how I got in there. Wait I'm going to try to get back in there. So, I ran into the wall and..................... hit my head. I got a bruise. I wounder if I go to school and come back the ghost will get mad that I'm back and do the same thing and I'll get to explore the room.


                                                                          Chapter 3

                                                                          The room

    So, I'm back from school. I'm kind of................... Boom! Uh oh! Here comes the book. Uh! 1 hour later. Uh, wow I'm in the room. I'm going through the first tunnel and........... Whoa! I    fell through a big ditch.

    The room was dark and kind of scary. All of the sudden it was really light and it looked like a a........ underground school. It must have gotten berried and now were living above it and I bet that there was kids in it and they died and there ghost want our house sense the school is above us they think its there property. That man must be the principal of the school then. Uh no!

    How am I going to get out? What am I going to do? All    of      the    sudden    a      voice        told                 

        me        something      and    it    said................

“GET OUT OF MY SCHOOL” so I ran and ran. Until I go to this room and let me tell you it was creepy. It was a classroom filled with ghost and they were in school and going on with there business like nothing ever happen. I walked in and the ghost teacher said “class I would like you to meet our new student Mr. Tyler”.

    “what I'm a.......a......” I looked at my hand and then up my arm. I could see right through myself. I was a GHOST! This is horrible! Whats going to happen to me? I'm so scared! Ahhh! Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    I got so scared that I feinted because I lost my breath and I just freaked out. The ghost teacher said sit down please or he will get the principal. So I ran to sit down cause I don't want to see that man again.  That man was freaky so I went to sit down and

raised my hand and asked what the principals name was and he said “Jone Moore”.

    I thought I've herd that name before. All of the sudden it came to me. Jone Moore is the husband of the lady who sold us the house Jana Moore. Oh my gosh. I wounder if Jana use to live there. She knew that the house was haunted. I was wondering why on the very top of the tree it didn't say “GET OUT”. Its because he didn't care about his wife living in the house.

    What if.....if.......if........if Jana is a ghost too. Well she could have took over someones body.


  How am I........

Mr. Tyler the answer please.


    Ha? The answer.

  The answer to what? 

    The whole class was staring at me. The teacher said “weren't you listening”. Uh no. I had no idea what he was talking about. The bell rang and I floated out. I cant believe I didn't think about this before. I could just float up the ditch I fell through.

    So I did it. I floated out and I got out of the school! When I was in the tunnel I herd foot steps again I ran and went striate through the wall and I was in the living room this time. I wasn't a ghost any more! I ran to get my parents. Guess what? They didn't believe me they said “ya right your just mad because we moved”.

    I was so so mad at her I wasn't mad about

moving. I think my dad kind of believes me. He wont admit it. Hes afraid of my mom. I just know it. 

    That ghost is going to try to get me again. I just know it. I wounder if I can find a different place in that room. I bet I could find lots of stuff that could help me. I hope. I'm going to have to do all of that stuff again like coming home from school and getting hit in the head with a book. Thats just great.

    Three days later. Ugh I'm on the bus and its almost my stop I don't want to get hit in the head with a book again. I've done this like three times now. Oh great its my stop.  5 minutes later. Uh oh. Whoa ah the hole house is shaking. Uh.

    3 days later. Oh my gosh. Boy does my head hurt. I think I have a concision. oh. Jesse. Uhhhhhh.

That wasn't me. Ah I better run or this ghost is going to gut me like a fish.

    I keep finding these papers. I think they might go together. I'm still missing one piece. There it is. Its like a.......a.......a map to something. It says to take 16 steps forward take a right then 3 more steps forward and take a left then another left and then a right. And a left.

        So, I did it. It got me to this room that had all of these frozen people. Or frozen dead people. Well there not people unless there alive so there basically zombies. But that doesn't matter. It was still really freaky. I hate this house.

    I wounder what would happen if I touched one of them. I think I'll skip doing that. Here. Theres another room. Whoa.... its filled with paper and lost stuff. I bet this is were all of our lost stuff goes. Yep

theres my action figure. I grabbed all of the papers.

    I wounder what all of the papers say. I'll probably read them later. I better put them in a safe please and get them later before I try to leave. Maybe its another map or a.............. ahhhh. That wasn't me. This one will be. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

    It feels like I have been running for hours.

      I probably have.


            I better keep running or hes going to get me.

              Whoa not again. Boom. Ow.

          ah! whoa it was a dream but not the ghost part I've got to go see Jana. 3 hours later. Jana is here. i am going to ask her a few easy question.        so, Jana        ARE YOU A GHOST!                  she asked if i was crazy. i cept saying it and saying it and she finally said.....................................................................................................................  YES.    she said that her and her husband died in a earth queak. and that if you ever see him again tell him that i miss him.                                       

            my life went on normal. and the ghost never harmed me again.


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