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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fantasy · #1722101
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      Muzzy scratches his nose, "Do I want a pizza?"
      He has a stack of REDBOX videos to return. . "Maybe, chinese?"
      "Can I make a suggestion?" it was his fantasy date Leif Ericson.
      "Sure. Your an icon." Muzzy shrugs. "An angus burger with bacon."
      the legendary viking continued. Muzzy sighed, "I have those all day."
      Bing-bong! Muzzy skipped to his front door. Miley Cyrus walked in.
      She was dressed in lycra checkered tights and a gold silk blouse.
      "Muzzy? I've always wanted to be your BabyDoll. Can we hook up?"
      Muzzy scratched his nose, "Um I think that's illegal? How does your
      dad feel about your life style?" Miley stomped her stelletto heals.
      "Dam-it! I just want to live my own life!" she pouted.

      "Well. I'm returning some REDBOX videos..." Muzzy couldn't finish.
      Miley was hugging him, "Great! Let's go!" Muzzy thought about
      Leif Ericson and how courageous he was when he settled in
      Newfoundland. How old was his wife? Miley made cat sounds
      in Muzzy's pickup. She ran her tongue over her pearl white teeth.
      "I wonder if there is intelligent life in the universe." Muzzy pondered.
      "Ha! Were here! Right? So there's your proof!" Miley laughed and kissed
      Muzzy's face. A police siren and lights pulled them over.

      It was officer Lambert. He was very vigilant about speeding at 400am.
      "Do you want to endanger your life and the life of your passenger?"
      officer Lambert queried. "Absolutely, not. I'm very sorry." Muzzy pleaded.
      "How old are you?" officer Lambert looked directly at Miley with his flash
      light. "I'm Miley Cyrus... um-17." she answered biting her lower lip.
      "Muzzy. What are you doing with Miley Cyrus at 400am?" Lambert was
      very stern. "Wwwere..(cough)returning some REDBOX videos." Muzzy
      stuttered when he was nervous. Officer Lambert looked at the videos:
      2012:DOOMSDAY. "I liked IRON MAN." Lambert replied and handed
      the videos back, "Unless your going to marry Miss Cyrus, NO MONKEY
      BUSINESS!" Muzzy got a warning..

      "I think God wants me dead." Muzzy muttered as he drove away.
      "Of Course not! Every life has a purpose in God's plan." Miley
      spoke up and kissed Muzzy face.+

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