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Questions to ask a Fairy
by Kevine Carson on Friday, November 5, 2010 at 4:47pm

Okay I realize this is probably really, really,really , crazy but I thought it might be kind of interesting and fun. Pretend that you are a fairy princess, queen, whatever and answer the following questions. It's goofy I know, but I'm curious to see how different your answers are going to be from mine (listed after the questions)
Is there a difference between a fairy and a fae?
What kind of power(s) do you exhibit?
Do male and female fairies have different power(s) because of their gender?
Do you live underground? Where do you live?
Do all Fairies fly? Do you?
Is there more than one type of Fairy?
Why do you keep yourself from the human world?
Can you mate with humans?
Do you like technology?
How does the your fairy culture differ from that of a human?
Can a mortal visit your home?
Do you have God?
Do you become a fairy or are you just born that way?
Do you have a title? What is your full name?

Kevine's Answers:
1) Yes- the original fairies were born of pure wild magic from the Great Ancestors. Now we define a fairy as a person who is born of the two full blooded fairies. A fae is a person or creature that is born of two magical creatures, be they fairy, faun, centaur, witch, or wizard.

2)  I exhibit many powers. I can manifest what ever I need, be it a pen and paper, fire, or an apple. I can call down the rain or raise the ground beneath your feet. Everyone is different though- some have power over only things that grow in the forests, or from the earth, while others may be bond to only the sky or to beast. Generally a fairy or fae will begin to develop their powers between the ages of four and six and will have determined the full scope of their power by the time they are twelve or fourteen years old.

3) No, the development of a person's power has nothing to do with their gender and everything to do with their heritage and fate. A young fae may develop powers similar to that of their parents or another relative or ancestor. Sometimes though a child will find that they have a power or powers that are completely different from their heritage.
4) The fairies of old often made their homes under hill as people are like to say, but most of us now prefer more comfortable accommodations. Our world is not so different from yours, but sits on the other side of the veil. Our world is very old with very little technology. Our homes and buildings are organic, made from wood and stone.

5) No not all fae can fly. Some can, but some creatures are more beast than man and do not have wings; and not all fae who are man can fly. Elves and knome have other means of transportation

6) We do not keep ourselves from the human world, we just choose not to announce our presence or make a spectacle or ourselves. We have found for many centuries that no matter what world we travel to that those who are different in ways that cannot be easily explained are persecuted.

7) Yes, and throughout the centuries many have done just that.

8) Some of us do like technology, but it can be how do you say... ify? Magic is in its essence just another kind of energy- it is a wild kind of energy that is drawn to us like lightening to a tall tree. It builds and seethes around our bodies and sometimes when in comes into contact with your technology it will leap from our bodies and zap your machines.

9) Our cultures are different and it is more than just the technological aspect. Most fae live under a matriarchal styme with in their families. For many centuries, when each race rarely bred outside of its own kind each race would have their own Queen, King and royal court. Now with so many race having melded together, we have elected a Queen and King, and court to rule over all.

10) Yes a mortal may come into the fairy realm on the other side of the veil and they may enter with out fear of rapid aging or never returning home. Despite what many of your myths say, politeness is always welcome and manners are expected.

11) We do not worship a single god and depending on the race the god(s) will be different. Those of us who look like man often choose to pay homage to the Great Ancestors, but others will honor and worship an element of nature.

12) You are born Fae or Fairy, although a few have tried to convert so to speak

13) My full name is Lady Brighid Ailbhe Ailill
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