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Day in a life of a know it all police officer who hitch hikes across the country.
" Hello Miss.Over-bee How are you today?" asked reporter Mifflin.

" Oh it's great, and you?" asked Miss.Over-bee.

" Great, well I am here to ask you about how a normal day if for you. "said reporter Mifflin.

" Okay then lets get started. Well it usually starts by me waking up by the side of the road and then I have to get dressed behind a billboard or something like that. Then I find the nearest pond or lake and splash my face to wake myself up. Hmm then what do I do? Oh yes I dry off with a leaf then walk around to find some berries or catch some fish or deer. Well I have a walkie talkie so from there I would wait for someone to call me up to go start chasing someone. So if I do get a call I get get in someones car and tell them where to go. After all my police duties I go home, eat and leftover food. Get changed behind a billboard or something and go to bed beside the side of the road. And that is how a normal day is for me." answered Miss.Over-bee.

" Well thank-you for your time Miss. Over-bee." replied reporter Mifflin.

" Your welcome" said Miss.Over-bee.
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