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Girls can be unfaithful to...
Anuar - "Nothing more"

(legato melody plays intro)

Fall. 4.00 PM.
He is sitting in a plane.
Drops of rain fall outside.
Waiting's killing him inside.
Loosing patience, he looks at clock.
Someone said, touch down is after 4.00.
Now he's there, silent airport.
He is running through the doors.
In a taxi, growing hope.
Bought white roses, and took a thought..
To the jewelleer, he bought a ring.
Now taxi's going straight to his dear.
Many words is in his head.
What to say, he can't find best.
Or just silent hug and kiss...
He'll be staying on his knees.
Now taxi stops, pays and goes.
In a lift to the 21st floor
6.00 PM and he's at her door.
Knocking twice, like he did before.
Just couple moments, he's waiting more.
Then he remembers, he has the keys.
It's like no one into lives.
He goes through the flat and sees,
Kitchen's door is closed,
Inside is light.
He tooks the flowers and opens door.
Says hello, and flowers fall.
She's with a man there, kissing her,
He understand's everything,
Puts ring near, with no words.
He leaves that house, although she cries.
Was such a fool, hoped girl would love.
But now it's over, it's end of course...

There is nothing more to say,
Just a reason to go away,
No more love songs, no more tears,
Just remember, it is clear....

There is nothing else to say,
Just new reason to get away.
No more crying, no more tears,
Just remember, it is clear!!!

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