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Maria and Benvolio have an argument over "...the girl in Barcelona."
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It took a week to shape the beams and another to set them in place. Benvolio did all the adz work himself. Then the trusses had to be dragged inside and hoisted up onto the set stones. It was slow hard work. His helpers were willing but they were inexperienced young women. It took awhile but at last the project was complete.

He had not seen Maria since their return.

One night, two weeks later, he lay tossing on his cot, drifting in and out of a dream world. The memory of her waist in his hands as she writhed, played in slow motion through a hazy fog of memories. Her groans and heaving breasts stirred a wet longing and the seeping of desire brought him to the edge of slumber. Someone hovered over him, breathing down into his face. He flew up.

"Shhhhh,” said Maria, kneeling alongside the bed.

“Sweet Saints!” he muttered. “Don’t ever come on me like that again!”

“I’ve a job for you.”

“What kind of job?” Her woman’s scent set his heart to pounding.

“Hush,” she cautioned…”You’ll alert the kitchen…already they begin to move about, so we haven’t much time.”

“Time for what…?” Desire stirred beneath the blanket.

“For words! I have a message for Tomas. You must deliver it and tell him everything that’s happened.”

“Everything?” Benvolio drew her close.

“Stop it! Not here!” She pushed his hand away.

“What are you worried about? We have at least an hour before anyone ever ventures back here.”

“This is God’s house…. not a brothel.”

“This is a store room.”

“I’m not just another girl from Barcelona.”

“There is no girl from Barcelona….I made that up.”

She mimed his parting words… “So, do you want me all to yourself?”

“I was only joking.”

“My body is no joke….it was not made for your recreation.”

“I never considered it such. I love you Maria.”

“Are you making that up too?”

"No, I want to marry you. "

“Quit talking through your cock!”

“I mean it.”

“Should I swoon now? No we’re beyond that…, it’s time for me to spread my legs.”

“You’re not listening…”

“Closer than you think, and the answer is no…not here, not now and never again.”

“What have I done?”

“You found my weakness, you arrogant bastard, and took advantage of it.”

“That’s nonsense," he said reaching out.

“Don’t touch me….”

“Is something wrong…is it your woman’s time of month?”

“You’re a dog, Benvolio. You belong in a kennel! Here, take this message and deliver it to my brother.”

She arose abruptly..

“Can we talk when I get back?”

“Don’t be in any rush….you'll have plenty of time to visit your girlfriend.”


The dawn was not yet visible when Benvolio returned to the Convent. He crept quietly inside and stumbled over two legs drawn up next to his bed. It was Maria. He settled next to her and she handed him a bottle of wine. He took a swig.

“What did you learn from Tomas?”

“He read your letter and drafted one in turn to the Novas.”

“What does he intend to do?”

“Adopt Teresa’s child.”

“That’s an interesting development.” He handed her back the bottle.

She took a pull….”What took you so long?”

“I had to go by the Nova’s cottage or I would have been back hours ago.”

“No stops along the way?” she asked with an edge.

“There’s no other woman, Maria,” he groaned in exasperation, “There’s only you.”

She sniffled.

“I have something.” He took a chain from around his neck and put it in her hand.

“This is the ring my mother wore…her wedding band.”

She sobbed..”I looove you Benvil...Benvolio.”

“You’re drunk. How long have you been waiting?”

“Hours and hours…”

“Will you marry me?” She looked up, tears flowing in the dim light.


His lips closed on hers and his tongue slipped between. She responded, darting her own beneath,and sliding her fingers under his tunic. He tugged her drawers over her thighs, then with a foot, pushed it off her ankles. She felt his chest on her's for the first time. Thick hair exuded a musky scent that made her breasts tingle.

Benvolio tore at her habit. “Take it off!”

She sat up and pulled it over her head. Her underclothes followed. He stripped. When both were naked they crawled beneath the blanket. Rolling atop he took her wrists, stretching her arms and sucking a breast. Her breath came faster. Tearing one hand free she reached down searching for his manhood. Finding it, she squeezed, tugging and guiding it inside.

He gripped the sideboards, his back bent. Her fingers clutched his shoulders. His thighs muscled her legs apart. They splayed wide and he began to stroke.

Maria responded, finding the beat of their intercourse. Her need cried out and she began panting. Amid grunts and sighs came the rhythmic slapping of flesh and with every thrust she arched, rising to his surge and then falling away. As their passion built to climax she thrashed wildly about. Her head rolled back and eyes glazed over. Then with a groan, he came at last, soaking her womb in a prolonged squirt of molten pleasure.

WC 869

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