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How to Conquer the World!

      Antidotal evidence:

                        Vern was one of the nicest guys I've met.
                        He worked hard all his life and married and had kids.
                        When he turned 65 management started to force him out.
                        He was a liability. That is to say he was drawing too much
                        medical care on the company insurance. Vern needed
                        surgery on his feet and his wife had stomach cancer.
                        "Oh, well." said the boss, "don't blame me for your problems.
                        This isn't a nursing home."
                        Vern made a daring move and transferred to another state
                        to save his job and benefits. But, the big boss called ahead
                        and told the branch office Vern was too old. So, when Vern
                        drove there he was told the position was filled. That's down

                        Chris was a great kid. I worked shoulder to shoulder with
                        him in a wherehouse. Chris signed up for the National Guard.
                        He was twenty. He wanted to study meteorology. He was
                        sent to Iraq and was killed. Chris's wife was divorcing him at
                        the time. She was dating an older man with money.
                        She got his pay.

      It occurred to me last night that Capitalism is not patriotism.
      Companies leave our country for cheaper labor and that hurts
      the economy. Who's left to earn a living? Republicans and Democrats
      miss that boat. If the industry is gone; the economy is gone.
      Example: A German company wishes to manufacture products outside
                    Germany. They will have a heavy tariffs on any imports into Germany.
                    Germany punishes defecting companies.

    Deregulation is profitable for traders, not for a government.
    Do you know that China is our largest importer? How does that help us?
    The banks were deregulated and now they're under federal control.
    Isn't that centralize government?

    Whether it's by design or accident centralize government is coming.
    A business only interest is in making a prophet.+ It is not concerned
    about the social good. It is not a democracy or a nursing home. It is
    a place to make money. In every competition there can be only one winner.
    Capitalism leads to monopoly. One world company. One world order.
    One Prophet.+

      "I see a whirlwind of smoke and war and fire.
      A new constitution will appear it will bless the people.
      The King will kneel to the poor."(Sister Jeanne Le Royer 1755)

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