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After carrying a journal for 20 years, Did this guy really do all this?
Wednesday,October 2nd.1991
Miss Judy Ann T

Back on a shrimpboat off the Florida Keys.Captains name is Shepard(Shep).
We are only two handed which gives us more of a pay check.
I was quite green last night,but first time in two and a half years,Shep had to remind me of alot of things.
Tonight is no longer a holiday.Time for some serious work.
We've set out the nets,7:39pm.

Marks Duties
How often

1. Scrub the decks.....3-4 days.
2.Grease nipples on winch....2 days....4 pumps of grease.
3.Grease driveshaft.....once aweek/one tube of grease.

Daily Duties Before Set-out.
1.Pull up the Tickler Chains,Check for debrie.
2.Check net for holes.
3. Run anchor line through blocks ready for pull-up.

Thursday,October 3rd.1991.
God I learn quick. Just pulled up the nets and set down within 15 minutes,when last night it took 40 minutes.
I got a high five from Shep.It takes alot off his mind that he won't have to worry about me out on the deck.
Let's rock & roll and make some money.

Thursday,October 3rd.1991
Quiet seas. Haveing $15 steaks for breakfast(Dinner- There is'nt any real meal names out here.When hungery,eat)
I was poking a potatoe with a fork so we could have bakers with breakfast,when the boat took a hard roll and I ended-up putting the fork nearly through my finger.F... that hurt.
Commandering the boat is no problem.
Let's see what happends tonight.
Oh-ya,Shep caught & fought a 25 pound Blof the boatackback Tuna this morning.
It took him about 20-25 minutes to get it on board.
Set out 7:51pm, went fine.

Thursday,October 3rd.1991.
Two quick notes:One-Portside of a sea going vessel is the left side.Starboard is the rightside.
Two-It just took me 15 minutes to figure out what day is what out here.Because we work at night,the days to mornings and dates get all f...ed up.

Just woke-up.Damn my room is so bloody hot,I was sticky an sweaty and the bed was just soaked.Got to find a way to cool it down and fast.
Set down good. Fresh tuna for dinner.Ya.

Friday,October 4th.1991
Canned tuna taste like cat food.Ya nothin else like it!
This is wild.When fosferous hits something like the side of a boat or gets turned up by propellers.it lights up like a swarm of fireflies at night.
P.s. I tied the try net.Hope it holds.
Bloody tired. First night without.
Try net held beautfully.
Time for a pot of coffee or two.

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