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Spyro discovers the true meaning of love. Chapter 1, The Beginning
Spyro, after deafeating Ripto for the upteenth time, was returning home to the Dragon Realms to relax for a little while with all his friends who where there on vacation. He entered the glorious, golden town gates that gleamed at either side of an aged old stone opening to the realms. He had been gone for so long he had almost forgotten how glorious the land looked, covered in lush, green fields and beautiful, aromatic flowers.

However, he didn't have much time to enjoy the view as a gang of all sorts of creatures came to greet him. Fortunately he knew all of them to be close friends who had helped him during his adventures. Hunter (a tiger warrior for those who don't know him) was the first to welcome him back to his home, the others quick to follow suit. They lifted Spyro up and carried him towards town cheering and singing victory songs of all kinds. Spyro was enjoying all the attention and when they dropped him gently at his home he reluctantly waved goodbye to them. He did this until they were all out of sight and then turned around and opened the door to his house.

It was just how he remembered it, pictures of his friends lined the walls along with shelves that were packed with things he had picked up on his travels. An worn, navy blue carpet was lain across the floor, covered slightly by a yellow rug. An old wooden chair and table sat to one side and a huge dresser sat on the other. However there was something different about Spyro's bed, well it was still the same matteress on the floor near the back wall, but what was on it was different.

On his bed lay Flame (a red teenage dragon that spyro met on one of his adventures), who was fast asleep and facing towards the wall opposite where Spyro was standing. Spyro was confused, why was Flame asleep in his house? He decided to aproach the sleeping dragon, being careful not to make any sudden noises as he knew how unpredictable teenage dragons could be, being one himself. He stopped just before crashing into the bed and looked over Flame to see if he was actually asleep, quickly realising that he was. He decided to wake him up and discover what was going on.

Spyro gently poked Flame in the stomach with his tail and Flame's eyes opened slowly. Flame turned over, yawned and said "Spyro is that you? Spyro nodded his head to show him that he wasn't imagining things. Flame yawned again, rolled out of the bed and stood up. He looked Spyro up and down and said "well it's definately not anyone else".
"What are you doing here?" asked Spyro, quizzically.
"Waiting for you of course" replied Flame, continuing on to say "I wanted to welcome you home but ended up getting bored and going to sleep". Spyro rolled his eyes while thinking to himself 'typical Flame' and then said "so why are you STILL here".
"I have something to tell you" said Flame suddenly sounding serious, which was unlike him.
"Go on then" said Spyro, who was starting to loose patience with Flame.
"Well it's kind of hard to say... I think i'm...you know... gay" the last word of his sentence was bearly audible but somehow Spyro's head filled with it.
"How do you know?" asked spyro.
"Well..." said Flame, spreading his rear legs and pointing at his erect, teenage cock dangling between them.

Spyro gasped, realising the extent of his half-brother's cock. Spyro suddenly had the urge to go taste Flames load, he tried to restrain himself but couldn't as his own cock slid out of it's purple sheath. Flame noticed Spyro's erecting cock, making his cock spurt pre-cum onto the floor. Spyro walked over to Flame and said "yep I think you're gay, but there's nothing wrong with being gay, i'm gay and people don't care. Let me help you with that" pointing at Flames cock with his tail.
"Ok Spyro." said Flame, rolling onto his back to give Spyo the full picture.

Spyro stood to the side of Flame and lowered his neck, so that his mouth was touching the tip of Flame's cock. He started gently licking Flame's cock-head, fondling Flame's balls with his tail and stroking Flame's stomach with one of his paws. Flame was soon moaning in pleasure and even started to jack-off Spyro with his tail. Spyro started properly sucking Flame's cock, taking all Flame's cock in his mouth and throat. He moved swiftly up and down on Flame's pulsing member knowing what was about to happen, as Flame was breathless and saying something like "I'm cumming Spyro" in between gasps of pleasure. Soon Flame's cock erupted cum into Spyro's throat, making him cough and gag. Spyro swallowed as much as he could but some escaped onto Flame's chest, making a small puddle near his nipples.
"That...was...awesome..." panted Flame, he licked himself clean and then stood up and said "we'll have to do this again sometime, maybe next time I can finish you too"
Spyro smiled and waved his half-brother out of the house.

Spyro new that this was the beginning of a new type of friendship between him and his brother.
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