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A guidebook to discovering God's plan for your life & fulfilling it successfully.

How to Reach Your Full Potential For God By Charles Stanley

True to his promise in the title, this book is an extraordinarily powerful & inspiring guide to discovering God’s purpose & plan for your life. In it Dr. Stanley clearly outlines necessary steps to progress from where you are now to reach this goal. He lays out specific areas of life to prayerfully examine for needed adjustments & lists specific points, principles & questions to guide your progress. He teaches you how to make the best possible use of your gifts, abilities. Resources, relationships, time & opportunities so that all will serve to move you ever closer to reaching your full potential for God.
I am also impressed with the good amount of Scriptural support he provides, which is a vital requirement to any true Christian study, & one which I find sadly lacking in so many “inspirational” books sold even in Christian bookstores today, which  mostly tend to stress SELF-help rather than the GOD-help we really need to successfully know & serve our Lord to our full potential.
Dr. Stanley’s words & the guidance he offers in this book are so positive & full of encouragement, I don’t see any way that a person who reads it could feel that it’s not possible for them to truly achieve their full potential for God!  I wish to extend a heartfelt “Thank you” to the Lord, Dr. Stanley & Thomas Nelson publishing house for giving me this very helpful book that was such a blessing to read from cover to cover!   


Gina L. Miller

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