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A boy plays a mean trick on his mother, and then regrets it.
A boy and his mother walked beside the park’s lake.
The water was frozen, make no mistake.

She held his hand while he admired the scene.
Then he decided to do something mean.

The boy grabbed his mother’s big, bulky purse
And slid it out onto the lake, acting terse.

The mother shouted and said, “Now get it back!”
The boy, he pouted and said, “The lake might crack!”

The mother peered daggers straight into her son.
That got him moving, as he started to run.

The crunch of the snow gave way to the ice;
The boy almost slipped in a way that’s not nice.

He continued along the lake’s ice and frost.
Looking back, he saw his mother, arms crossed.

She appeared to be more worried than mad;
The boy now felt incredibly bad.

Then, a loud crack came from underneath.
The boy, panicked, cried in disbelief.

“Come back,” his mother yelled. “Forget the damn purse!”
“No! I’ll get it! It’s my fault. It’s my curse!”

He quickened his slides and retrieved the cold bag
While his mother screamed like a shrieking sea hag.

When it looked like he was going to make it to shore,
His mother quieted: her fears were no more.

The boy handed his mother her purse, safe and sound
As his feet landed on the snow-covered ground.

“Don’t scare me again.” And she tousled his hat.
“Don’t worry, mom. I won’t scare you. Like that.”

After they laughed, they went back to the car
And drove to their home, which wasn’t too far.

What the boy never noticed was that her wallet fell out
Of her purse, onto ice. When she’d find out, she’d shout.

All because he thought his mean actions were clever,
The boy would be walking on thin ice for forever.

Line Count: 34
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